Istanbul is an amazing city, unique for many reasons


Istanbul is an amazing city, unique for many reasons. The only city that spreads across two continents abridging the European West with the exotic enchanting East, is a cultural experience of a lifetime.

Getting There You can get the by plane, through the Istanbul airport. Alternatively you can drive to Istanbul from Greece.

Going Around Istanbul The city is fully organized with public transportation, with which you will save yourself a lot of time, as well add one experience in your itinerary. You can take the metro, the tram or one of the boats that cross the Bosphorus.

Where to stay in Istanbul

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When you chose the district of your stay there are several to chose from according to your needs. A hotel near Taksim square is for those who don’t want to take a taxi after a night out. Although these are a bit more expensive than other one they offer better service quality. The problem with this location is you need to use public transport or taxi to get to some of the siteseeing. The location between Eminönü and Topkapı Palace, Sirkeci is ideal if you want to see most of "must to see places in Istanbul" on foot.

Akbıyık is actually an avenue -so close to Bluemosque and Hagia Sophia Museum- which is full of hostels, cafes and bars. Most of hostels also have terraces where you can see a great istanbul view at nights. However if you need to get somewhere fast, you have just taxi. And if you will stay more than couple of days you may fed up with walking till tram or Eminönü ports.

Beyazit & Laleli Hotels; The hotels there are -for most of tourists- the best service hotels in old part of the city. Close to tram stations to go whereever you want. The hotels in Nişantaşı district mostly have unique services for their guests. So they are more expensive than old city hotels. Close to most of shopping places however far from touristic places in Istanbul.

Levent & Maslak Hotels; these hotels are mostly great for Business travelers, close to business centrals but not touristic places in Istanbul. Airport Hotels; these hotels are close to Atatürk International Airport or Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Their quality of service is generally superb and serves anything for you to arrange your meetings in Istanbul. However location is really far from old part of the city, so those hotels are suggested for business travels or if you will join a congress, trade fair in Istanbul. Sultanahmet: The old, historical part of the city, with all the sights such as the Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia etc... within walking distance. Many reasonable priced hotels there. The downside being that it is very touristy.

Kadıköy Hotels: By staying in Kadıköy, you avoid some of the hassle of the tourist traps in Sultanahmet. At the same time, you are very close to both the historical peninsula (20 min ferry) and Taksim (20 min ferry and funicular). You get a feeling of "real" Istanbul, neither too touristy nor too posh. An extensive pedestrian precinct with reasonably-priced restaurants, cafés, bars and shops is a great place to go in the evenings, too, once you have come back from your sight-seeing and have had a little rest in your hotel.

Except all those districts, you can find a hotel up to whereever you want to stay or whatever is the aim with travelling Istanbul. Beşiktaş, Aksaray, Topkapı, Ortaköy are the other centrals for hotels in Istanbul.



One of the most popular areas of Istanbul is that of the peninsula where you will find some of the most outstanding sites of the city. The Top Capi Palace, The church Hagia Sofia, which means «Holy Wisdom».