A very special place on earth


This is a very special place on earth. On hand this area is characterized by the landscape that has been formed as a result of earthquakes, volcanoes over the last 6 million years of molding by heat and wind and feels extraterrestrial! On the other this land has hosted civilizations for thousands of years, who have left their marks from the underground cities they built to the homes carved inside big stonesand rocks including Christian Churches!

Endure in breathtaking hikes, historical monuments and witness the largest ancient underground city which was once filled with over 20.000 inhabitants. Spoil yourself on bargaining and shopping, arrange a pampering day at one of the local natural thermal spas, the delicious local food and the local hospitality.

Getting There


You can reach Cappadocia by plane from Kayseri airport followed by an hour shuttle bus. Alternatively you can get there by coach from most of the major Turkish cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Adana.

Local Specialties There are regular buses and mini-shuttles running between the main provincial and town centers and important sites. During the summer the service runs until late compared to the winter. You can always take a taxi to get where you want. The locals claim that the best way to explore the place is by renting a car or motorcycle.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia The area is very developed to accommodate the volume of incoming tourists and there are many hotels to choose from. The most famous are the cave hotels, where you can stay in rooms that are carved inside rocks for the ultimate original experience!


cappadocia cappadocia

In Nevsehir you will find the citadel, mosques as well as a museum with artefacts of the Ottoman period. Nearby at the town of Cat you will find settlements that are carved into long corridors of stone. Uchisar is probably the best place to start your tour, where you will find the landscape forms a natural castle that was used as a place of defense in Hittite and Ottoman empires.

Goreme is a settlement of about 2000 locals many of whom still live in the homes carved out of rocks that look like they wear a hat and this is why they are called, Fairy Chimneys. You will find many Christian artefacts and relics including the Church of Virgin Mary and countless monasteries. Derinkuyu Underground city is an unbelievable human made underground maze. The area is estimated to possess a lot of underground cities and Derinkuyu is just one of them.

Deep airways, storage rooms, churches and wine distilleries are some of the characteristics found there. It is speculated that these underground refugees were built to offer shelter to the Hittites who lived there around 6-8 century BC. Kozakli Hot Springs are famous for their therapeutic properties. Rich in minerals and naturally warm, you can enjoy them first hand by spending a day at one of the spas in Kozakli. Book a ride with one of the hot-air balloons across the landscape of Cappadocia to catch the sunrise and be rewarded with tremendous aerial views of the freaky rock obelisks of Dervant Valley. Cappadocia is also a popular destination for shopping! You can bargain on local carpets and kilims, ceramic pottery, semi-precious stones, leather goods and spices.