Mykonos is one of the most popular, adventurous islands of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, known for attracting jet-setters, the gay-friendly culture and hosting blasting parties

Getting There


You can catch a ferry from the port of Piraeus which will take about 5 hours to get there or a ferry from the port of Rafina which takes 3 hours. Another way to get there is by plane as Mykonos has an international airport.

There are direct flights from Athens all year long and during the summer period you can find direct charter flights to Mykonos from most of the main international airports in Europe.

Where to stay in Mykonos Mykonos has a lot of options when it comes to accommodation to meet the needs of a high-end visitor as well as the lower budget traveler. You can book a room or an apartment in the capital town of Mykonos and get to the beach resorts where most of the partying take place using the local bus service. Some beach resorts that have hotels and rooms to let would be Ornos, Ai-Giannis, Platis Gyalos, Agios Stephanos, and Tourlos. If you would like to stay somewhat away from the big partying scene then getting a room in Elia or Kalafatis would be a good choice.

Must See

mykonos little venice

Little Venice and Paraportiani together with the windmills are the landmarks of the island. Little Venice is an area that is made of traditional houses that belonged to captain families and that are built on the sea. The connection between the houses and the sea was necessary, since the captains of Mykonos used to store goods that were transported by ship directly in the basement of their homes.

On the other hand Paraportiani is a constellation of five churches and is named after the fact that it was placed near the entrance of a medieval fortress.


mykonos beaches

Mykonos has 45 different beaches to offer. That’s right! Perhaps one of the reasons why this island is so popular is the fact that there is handful of sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters to suit all preferences.

The beach with the easiest access is that of Megali ammos which is next to the main Town. There is also a big variety of organized beaches. The most popular among celebrities is Psarrou, which also hosts a diving center. Platis Gialos is found on the South part of the island, is big with fine sand and family friendly. From this beach you can catch a ferry for other beaches of the island. Ornos is the combination of a seaside village with a big fine-sand beach. Ai-Giannis is a fully organized beach at the east of the island.

Paragka is a very popular beach with fine golden sand, particularly among Italians. There is a rock on this beach which is ideal for diving and sunbathing. A three minute walk from Paragka will take to Agia Anna Paragkas, a coarse sand and pebbles beach with a view of the bay that looks over Plati Gialos and Psarrou beach.

The legendary Paradise is world-wide famous beach with coarse sand. Here you will become acquainted with a custom which was established many years ago, past 17:00 everyone moves to the beach bars where they party up to late at night. Super Paradise is just as legendary as Paradise hosting wild beach parties, however a bit harder to reach; many prefer to take the boat from Plati Gialos. Sport lovers go to Kalafatis Beach, where they can practice a variety of water sports such as wind surfing, water ski and Jet Ski.



Nightlife is the most significant part of vacation in Mykonos. Should nightlife be a religious then Mykonos can be characterized as THE Mecca. The most characteristic about it is that it never seems to stop. From early in the midday, most beach bars convert into night dancing arenas. In the late afternoon hours the party moves in the Main Town which resembles to an endless night club.

At night the party continues in the alleys and just before dawn most people head for the night’s final destination, Cavo Paradiso. Essentially the «night» end the following day around midday, few minutes before the next party begins!

Local Gastonomy


Mykonos is known for if expensive high-end restaurants and gourmet cuisine. However it also holds a variety of dishes that are linked directly to the local culture. Do not neglect to try out the local traditional delicacies such as: kopanisti (soft cheese), louza (pork cold cuts), sausages, loovia (stuffed wine leaves) with garlic paste, onion pie and snails with onions.

High Street Shopping

Apart from the expected souvenir shops, Mykonos stands out for the high street shopping. With more than 170 fashion stores Mykonos will please you!