Zakynthos is an island of great exotic beauty, with white fine sand beaches, endless green forests, cliffs and isles


Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is one of the Heptanese islands found on the western Ionian Sea. Zakynthos local culture and traditions has been affected by the Italians who ruled the island for over 4 centuries. It is situated on a particularly earthquake-like region and has suffered from a series of catastrophic earthquakes that have shaped its current state. The last great earthquake in 1953 destroyed most of the buildings on the island. As a consequence the new buildings were created under a strict protocol increasing their resistance to the trembling earth. The last large earthquake took place in 2005 where there were almost no damaged reported.

It is an island of great exotic beauty, with white fine sand beaches, endless green forests, cliffs and isles which has a lot to offer whether you are looking to party throughout your vacation there or even you are just after a nice family vacation. The island is «divided» between the north and the south part. The south part includes the bay of Laganas, an area that has been developed to host tourists and attracts a younger crowd. The northern part of the island is more relaxed and genuine, offering opportunities for great excursions.

Getting There


By plane: You can get a connecting flight to Kefalonia from Athens, Thessaloniki, Argostoli (Kefallonia), Corfu and Aktio. During the summer period you will find many direct international charter flights from main European cities. You can get a transfer to and from the airport via taxi or a rented car as there is no public bus service.

By coach: From Athens you can get the national coach service (KTEL) which takes about 6 hours.

By car: From Athens you can drive towards western Peloponnese and from the port of Kilini get the 15 minute ferry across to Zakynthos. The route is approx. 330 km and lasts about 5 hours.

Getting Around


To move around the island you could get a taxi or use the local bus service; however it is recommended that you rent a car. Going around by rental is the best way to explore the island at your desired pace.

Where to Stay in Zakynthos You could stay in Zakynthos capital town, to use as your base and rent a car to roam around the different beaches. If you have come here to party then you should definitely chose Laganas at the south of the island. In Tsivili, Alykes and Alykanas you will find a series of family resorts which include shops, restaurants, bars etc. If you are a fan of camping there are three different camping resorts to choose from: Camping Alikes Papagos, Paradise Camping and Camping Zante.



This island offers a wide choice variety of spectacular beaches to suit all its visitors. One of the most popular organized beaches is that of Laganas and that of Agios Nikolaos. Both are very popular amongst the younger crowd and offers all sorts of amenities including a British beach bar. To reach Agios Nikolaos you can catch a mini shuttle service from Laganas, Kalamaki and Argasi.

Other known organized beaches include Alikes, Agios Sostis, Kryoneri which is pebble beach popular for the locals, Mavratzi ideal for water sport lovers, Porto Koykla, family friendly Tsivili. A number of beaches easy to access include: Amoudi, Aboula, Gerakas, Mpouka, Kalamaki, Mpanana, Kaminia, family-friendly Argasi, Navagio, Porto Roma and Porto Zoro. If you feel like exploring more quiet beaches on the island you should check out: Dafni, Porto Vromi, Drosia, Limnionas, Makris Gialos, Marathia, Marathonisi, Porto Roxa and Xigia.



Don’t miss the beach with the famous shipwreck that has become the trademark of Zakynthos and one of the most famous pictures around the world. The rusty body of the abandoned ship in the middle of a fine white sand beach belonged to an outlaw cargo packed with illegal cigarettes. This shipwreck took place in 1982 on the effort of the captain to escape the coastguard and ever since has become an emblem of the island. You can reach the top of the beach from where you can take breathtaking snapshots of the scene from the village Maries. If you would like to reach the beach itself you can only do so by taxi boat.

Also don’t miss visiting the Venetian Fortress of Zakynthos. This place is covered with pine trees and has a spectacular view. The entrance is from the front gate of Saint Mark carrying two lions and after passing two gates you will find yourself in the area where the middle-ages Zakynthos city was placed.