Poros is a cosmopolitan picturesque island with buzzing nightlife, great beaches and great sightseeing


Poros is an island that belongs to the Saronic Gulf and the complex of «Sporades» islands which is very close to Athens. You can get there from the port of Piraeus by boat in less than 2 hours, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for those based in Athens. Poros is the birthplace of mythical Theseus where according to the myth, his mother has an encounter with Poseidon through a dream sent to her by Athena.

Archeological findings indicate the island has been inhibited since the Bronze Era and that in antiquity it was a significant naval base. Today Poros is a cosmopolitan picturesque island with buzzing nightlife, great beaches and great sightseeing!

Getting There


You can access Poros by ferry and hydrofoil from the Port of Piraeus. The trip takes more or less about two hours and there are multiple departures to and from the island daily. Alternatively you could visit Poros via sailing boat! Hydra also connects via sea with the rest of the islands of the Saronic Gulf, Agistri, Aigina, Poros and Spetses. Additionally you can go on an 3 hour drive from Athens to Galatas and get a taxi boat that will get you across to Poros in less than 10 minutes.

Getting around The main town of Poros can be explored on foot or bicycle. If you would like to explore the rest of the island you can use the public bus transportation. You can always rent a car or bike will grant you more freedom and flexibility for your holiday.

Where to Stay in Poros In Poros you will find a number of options when it comes to your accommodation. Apart from hotels and rooms to let you can find Villas, Suites&Spa, luxurious resorts and traditional houses to host you on your holiday! The areas where you can stay is that of Poros main town, Neorio, Askeli, Perlia, Galatas, Kanali, Monastiri and Kalloni.



Although Poros is a rather small island, there a plenty of beaches to choose from, most of which lay on the south coast. Most of the beaches are accessible on foot from the main port, bicycles as well as the public bus and a few via taxi boat. Kanali is a family-friendly sandy beach accessible on foot from the port where you will find a good selection of fish tavernas with a great view! Askeli is another great sandy beach, big enough to host a beach-volley court. At this location you will find a number of hotels and rooms to let as well as a buzzing nightlife.

Monastiri is located on the east and is a quiet organized sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters; Ideal for water sports and spear-fishing. Bagionia is an organized sand and pebble beach on the north part of the island which is also suggested for those of you who prefer a quieter time. The Russian Naval Base, is a beautiful and picturesque bay which offers an organized sandy beach and has been characterized as one of the historical monuments due to its architectural interest. Across from that beach you find the small island of Daskalio where you will find a lovely small chapel. Mikro Neorio is another gorgeous organized sandy beach surrounded by pine trees. Limanaki-tis-Agapis, which means Bay of Love, is a very romantic beach covered by the sweet shade of pine trees where you will have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear green-blue waters! Perlia is another picturesque beach where you will find fish tavernas and rooms to let with a view. Another beach you should keep in mind when you find yourself in Poros is that of Lemonodasos, which means Lemon-Forest; a sandy beach surrounded by, you guessed it, lemon trees as well as water mills!


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If you are into sightseeing you should pay a visit at the Archaeological museum of Poros which hosts a great collection of findings that range back to the Mycenaean up to the Byzantine era. Visit the ruins of the glorious Temple of Poseidon, which was constructed around 520 BC and the Royal Tombs of Magoula which date back to Myceanean era.

Not far from that site are the ruins of the ancient town of Trizina, which was the birthplace of Theseus. Another interesting site is the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigis which dates back to the 18th century. Apart from sightseeing you will find buzzing nightlife with a number of bars and a few clubs on the seaside! Do not miss to watch a film at the open-air traditional cinema of the main town, for the ultimate romantic summer screening! Another activity you can indulge is to explore the island going on a horseback riding tour!