Olympia is the home of the original and inspiration of the modern Olympic Games


Does this name ring a bell? You guessed it! Olympia is the home of the original and inspiration of the modern Olympic Games! In detail Olympia is a small village in the Peloponnese and it is next to the sanctuary of Ancient Greece which is known for hosting the Olympic Games during classical times.

The site is situated in a lush region irrigated by the rivers Alpheus and Kladeos, which make it one of the most beautiful places in Greece. The site is placed within the “Sanctuary of Gods”, known as the Altis and consists of a random arrangement of various buildings. This is a must destination in the Peloponnese and will offer anyone who visits a lifetime experience!

Getting There


There are many ways to access the site of Ancient Olympia. By car it is a 4 hour drive from Athens, an hour from the Port of Patras as well as the Airport of Kalamata. There are a number of international charter flights arriving daily at Kalamata Airport from May to October.

Where to Stay You can stay at the modern village of Olympia which has a series of hotels to choose from or at one of the luxurious resorts near-by. Additionally you can find camping facilities which are a walking distance from the site.



The archaeological site of ancient Olympia includes the sanctuary of Zeus including the buildings erected around it. There are the athletic premises that were used for the preparation and celebration of the Olympic Games, administrative building and other monuments. You will have the priceless experience to walk around the impressive ruins where the athletes of the original Olympic Games trained and competed. The stroll around the site is very pleasant, since it is covered with trees that offer a kind shade, perfect for those of you who will visit during the summer.

Don’t skip the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, which is a must! It has some of the most important works of Classical art such as the sculpted decoration od the temple of Zeus, one of the Seven wonder of the ancient World, the statue of Nike and the famous statue of Hermes carved by Praxiteles. Of equal importance is the bronze collection which is the richest of its kind in the world. Additionally you can admire the exhibits in the Museum of the Modern Olympic Games, including the silk-lined box in which Pierre de Coubertin’s heart, the French pedagogue and historian who is considered as the founder of the Modern Olympic Games, was transported to be buried in Olympia in 1939 in accordance to his will.

Other attractions include the Pier de Coubertin's Monument, Temple of Apollo Epikourios which is a short drive from Olympia, the Temple of Aphrodite, Ancient Ilida, Chlemoutsi medieval Castle and Nestor's Palace. Last but not least keep an eye for the local festivals that take place especially during the summer, including among others local feasts, concerts, and theatre plays.