Hydra is an island that belongs to the Saronic Gulf and the complex of «Sporades» islands which is very close Athens.


You can get there from the port of Piraeus by boat in less than 2 hours, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for those based in Athens. What stands out about Hydra is that any type of motor vehicles is prohibited and all transportation is done on foot, donkeys and via taxi boats. As you approach the harbor of Hydra you will be mesmerized by the picturesque stone houses and mansions that make up the town of Hydra.

This is an island with great nautical power and that was very prosperous at some point due to the navy commercial activities. It also played a significant role during the struggle for Independence in the 19th century.

Getting There


You can access Hydra by boat, flying dolphin and by hydrofoil from the Port of Piraeus. The trip takes less than two hours and there are departures to and from the island every hour. Alternatively you could visit Hydra via sailing boat! Hydra also connects with the rest of the islands of the Saronic Gulf, Agistri, Aigina, Poros and Spetses.

Getting around Getting around this island is rather alternative as motor-vehicles of any type are strictly prohibited. The options are: on foot, rent one of the local donkeys or take one of the taxi boats to move from harbor to harbor.

Where to Stay in Hydra Hydra is an island that has kept its originality; it probably looks like it did in 1821, when it played a crucial role in the effort for Independence. Therefore you won’t find any luxury touristic resorts, however there a number of hotels and rooms to let.


hydra beach

Hydra has a number of pebble beaches with crystal clean waters rather than a long sandy beach. Try out Vlichos, a lovely beach which you can reach on foot or taxi boat from Hydra Town, Kaminia beach also offers a series of delicious fish taverns and cafeterias, Spilia is accessible on foot from Hydra town and is a rocky area from where you can dive and swim in the deep blue waters, Avlaki is another lovely pebbled coast on the northern side of the island. Similarly you can look out for, Agios Nikolas, Bisti which is a tiny cove popular for diving and other water sports, the quiet Limnioniza, Mandraki which is an organized beach and Molos for the ultimate relaxation!

Highlights Don’t miss out on the Historical Archives Museum, founded in 1918 housed in an elegant stone mansion that belonged to a local ship-owner. The building has undergone renovation making it one of the most impressive mansions at the port of Hydra. This museum hosts the historical archives that were kept hidden inside the church of assumption of Virgin Mary. Among other these archives include educational, administrative and religious paper as well as manuscripts from the Greek Revolution, old books, maps and many others. Additionally you will see relics from the Balkan Wars and the two World Wars, traditional costumes, carvings, instruments and paintings.