Santorini has been characterized as a phenomenon. Formed as a result of an underwater volcano eruption during the ancient times, it consists of a blast of shapes, pictures, flavors and emotions

Getting There


You can reach Santorini by boat or by plane. There are daily scheduled ferries from the port of Piraeus. You can find direct international charter flights in the summer or a connecting flight from Athens all year long.

Getting to the center of Fira when you arrive by ferry the port is about 20 minutes way by bus and should you arrive via plane the airport is a 15 minute ride by bus.

Where to stay in Santorini Santorini is a destination with many options when it comes to booking your stay. It hosts a number of luxurious resorts, villas and rooms that will satisfy even then most demanding visitor. You will be able to find a more affordable range of accommodation in Fira, Oia and Imerovigli.

Top Destinations

Fira Fira is the capital town on the island and it is built on altitude of 250 meters. I was formed in the late 18th century when the inhabitants started to abandon the previous capital, which had been damaged by an earthquake.

Fira is an excellent location to have as a base for excursions, as it has many rooms and hotels as well as the main bus station. You can reach Oia by bus or a taxi from Fira. It is a town very famous for its sunset.

Ancient Thira Situated inside the mountain on an altitude of 396 meters, the Ancient City of Thira was created and inhabited from the 9th century BC until 726 AD and named after the mythical Ruler of the island Theros.

The most important monuments are those of Agora in the city Centre, the Basilike Stoa, the temple of Dionysus and the Theatre. It is open to the public and can be reached on foot from a number of routes.


There are number of museums found in Santorini. The museum of Prehistoric Thira made its opening in 2000 and is found in Fira. It is a 600 square meters area, divided in themes which aid in making a journey back in time. The showcase items range from the 4.000 BC up to 17th century BC.

Other museums is the Archeological Museum, also found in Fira opened in 1960 and accommodated finding from the great excavation of ancient Thira. Its collection includes statues and scriptures from Archaic to the Roman Era, ceramics and clay utensils from the Geometrical up to the Hellenic Period. Last but not least is the Navy museum, which is hosted in the house of a former captain in Oia. A tour though its collection will take you through the nautical history of Oia through paintings, props, personal items, costumes and photographs.

Another museum worth mentioning is the Wine Museum, which has been established by the Koutsogiannopoulos family. It is an extraordinary natural cave which is 300 meters long and found 6 meters below ground offering an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Hiking routes

Another activity that Santorini offers is great hiking routes. The most classic route is that between Fira and Oia, measuring 9 km and can be covered with a normal pace and no pressure in 3-4 hours. The altitude difference from one end to another is minimal, so rather than feeling exhausted at the end of the journey you will feel rejuvenated.

Although there is no sign postage coverage to cover the route, it is really hard to stay out of the road. The route between Profitis Ilias church and Ancient Thira is a feasible one and takes one to complete about 45 minutes. Should you decide to walk down this path, make sure it is not on a Monday and that you complete it prior to 14:30, because that is when the site of Site of Ancient Thira is closed. Additionally you are advised to wear a scarf to protect yourself from the sun instead of a hat because of the intense wind.

Last But not least make sure you are prepared to take some of the most spectacular panoramic photographs. Another brief hiking route is that between Ancient Thira and Perissa beach, which takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Wine distilleries

The wine distillers of the island give tours of their vineyards, offer seminars on Santorini wine and organize wine-tasting events. The best season to see vine making in action, is from the middle up to the end of August, where grape picking is at its peak.

Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

Due to the uniqueness of the scenery Santorini has become a very popular destination for couples. People from all over the world now come to Santorini to have their wedding ceremony or go on their honeymoon.