Rhodes is an island which accommodates a number of historical sites as well as fascinating beaches and natural sceneries


Rhodes, the island of the Knights, named after the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, who once conquered the lands, is an island which accommodates a number of historical sites as well as fascinating beach and natural sceneries. Many civilizations have passed though Rhodes overtime abridging the East and the West and forming an interesting local character.

Getting There You can reach Rhodes either by plane or boat and you will find yourself in the capital town of the island. You can either choose to stay in the city center and organize day trips from there or you can book a room in of the seaside towns, such as Lindos.

Where to stay


The city of Rhodes had a wide variety of accommodation options. From Luxurious 5 star hotels to romantic medieval-town restoration inns. It is a good choice to stay in the capital city if you would like to explore the Medieval Old Town and have access to the port for short excursions to the Dodecanessean islands nearby. If you would like to reside at a beach resort then you should look into Lindos, Faliraki and Ialysos which holds the largest and most luxurious resort hotels on the island.

Like to gamble? Rhodes is also known for its Casino, which is found in the historical building of the former Hotel Grande Albergo delle Rose, and international jet set attraction during the early 20th century.

Medieval City


The main city of Rhodes hosts one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, which is no other than the Medieval City. Created by the Knights of Saint John during the 14th century, it is the best preserved fortified medieval city in Europe and offers anyone who will visit a sensation of travelling back in time. Visit the medieval city on foot, since vehicles are prohibited within the range of the walls. To enter you can choose one of the 11 gates that surround the city.

Take a stroll down the famous Knights Street, which used to be the link between the religious and cultural center of the castle and is the only authentic medieval road preserved today. You will pass the former Medieval Hospital which now hosts the Archeological museum and the medieval residences. Once you have reached the end of the Knights street you will find «Castello», the former headquarters of the leader of the Order of the Knights of Saint John and former fortress. Today Castello is a museum with significant findings from the ancient and medieval Rhodes and is characterized as the most impressive monument of medieval times.

Other monuments within the Medieval City include the Clock tower. Built after 1851 and used as an observatory, it contains a small collection of archaeological findings that where found there. The panoramic view from the clock tower is breathtaking. Don’t miss another exquisite panoramic view from the top of the Monte Smith Hill, named after the British admiral Sir William Sidney Smith who rose to fame during the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802). The view reveals the city of Rhodes and spreads up to the coast of Asia Minor. On this hill you will find among others the Hellenistic Acropolis of Rhodes and the Temple of Apollo. The Medieval city is also a good option for shopping, dining and drinking.

Day trip destination: Lindos


One of the must-dos during your stay in Rhodes is to visit the preserved old town of Lindos the Acropolis fortress. Situated 50km for the city of Rhodes, you can get there by bus or taxi. It is characterized by its unique architecture and traditions which reflect the Roman, Turkish, Italian and Byzantine influences. Pebble paved streets, white houses, painted rooftops and pebbled mosaic decorations, unlimited view of the sea, wild beauty and sandy beach have made it one of the top destinations.

Start your visit with a riding a local donkey to reach the top of the Acropolis. Walk down the picturesque alleys and discover hidden works of art and local architecture. Refresh yourself with a swim at the crystal blue waters of the sandy beach below, whist enjoying a drink under the shade of an umbrella and the comfort of a sunbed. Buy locally produced organic goodies and souvenirs and enjoy the local hospitality and traditional food.



The island offers a variety of beaches to suit every need. If you would like a beach with easy access then consider Antony Queen Bay, a rocky beach with pebbles made famous as a movie shooting location or Asklipiio a wide sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters. Fancy a quiet beach to relax and enjoy the sea, listening to the sounds of nature? Then you should check out Gennadi, a sandy beach with light pebbles.

Xaraki is an organized sandy family-friendly beach, covered with sunbeds, umbrellas and other amenities. Afantou, 20 km from the center, is a beach where pebbles and wild water constitute the scenery. On this beach you can find premises for beach volley, beach soccer and well as beach bars to enjoy a cold drink.

Valley of the Butterflies


For those of you who would like to experience nature at its finest, situated 25 km from the city center of Rhodes is the Valley of Butterflies. Springs, colorful flowers, pine trees, waterfalls and an astonishing collection of butterflies constitute the scenery of one of the most impressive sights in Rhodes.

Nightlife Rhodes is an excellent destination for partying! The most well-known bars and clubs can be found within the Medieval City as well as on the beaches! Faliraki would make one of the most popular destinations when it comes to nightlife with thousands of young men and women visiting every summer.

Exploring the Dodecanese


Rhodes makes an excellent starting point for those who wish to explore the rest of the Dodecanese. Organize a day cruise trip and catch the boat from the port of Rhodes to the picturesque island of Simi, which is reachable in just 90 minutes.

Explore this unforgettable destination of unique physical beauty, walk the streets of the town, get on one of the wagons of the touristic train to explore the island, catch a taxi boat to go swimming in the clear blue water of the Aegean one of the island’s isolated beaches and eat fresh sea food at one of the local family taverns. The boat leaves the port of Rhodes at 9.00 in the morning and returns at 16.30 in the afternoon. During that time you will be able to explore the street of the main town, visit the monastery, swim and taste the fresh seafood with a unique view.

Rhodes is too diverse to reveal within an article, however these suggestions introduce you to some of the main attraction sites and activities of this historical island that many civilizations have conquered and influenced though the passing of time.