Syros is the capital island of Cyclades and the South region of the Aegean and has been characterized as the «Elegant Lady of the Aegean»


Syros is the capital island of Cyclades and the South region of the Aegean and has been characterized as the «Elegant Lady of the Aegean». The cosmopolitan capital town is called Ermoupolis whose port has been characterized as one of the most architecturally fascinating in the Mediterranean. The architecture found in Ermoupolis is captivating since it has been influenced by its rich history and therefore behind every building there is a story to tell.

Another interesting first you will discover in Syros is the quality of its restaurants, including some of the best in the country that have direct influences from Asia Minor. Syros is an island that is worth paying a visit all year long. Last but not least it has the perfect location to serve as base if you plan on going island hoping. If you are fascinated by architecture and history and love good food then Syros is the destination of the Cyclades for you!

Some history about Syros


Understanding this island one must have a brief overview on its rich past. Findings on the island indicated prehistoric inhabitants that date back to 3.000 BC. Other archeological findings indicated rich metal workshops that collaborated with cities on the coast of Asia Minor. During the 6th century BC philosopher Ferekidis was born there, who was one of Pythagora’s teachers and the inventor of organs used in Astronomy and the Sundial.

Ermoupolis has been influenced during the Hellenistic period by the Athenians, the Roman passing and the Byzantine era. In 1204 it was captured by the Venicians who spread Catholicism and built a community thus preserving the native Greek language. The passing of the Ottomans during the 16th century AD did not have an effect on the upcoming financial grown of the island and by the 19th century economy was booming establishing a long tradition in shipping. In the 1920s there was a current of refugees from the coast of Asia Minor who enriched the local cuisine and traditions.

Getting There


There is no airport in Syros, so to get there you would have to fly into Athens and from there to catch a ferry from the Port of Piraeus or the port of Rafina. The port of Piraeus offers you two options: the ferry which takes about 4 hours and a high-speed jet which is twice as fast and will get you there in two hours.

It might take you a bit longer to get to the port of Rafina but you can get a high-speed jet or a flying dolphin to reach Syros faster. From Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos you can get the suburban railway or the metro and change at Monastiraki station onto green line 1 to get to the port of Piraeus. To get to the port of Rafina from there you would have to get a 20 minute taxi ride.

Where to stay in Syros


Syros offers a wide variety of options when it comes to accommodation to suit anyone who wishes to explore the island. Outside the capital, Syros has a lot of sea-side towns which have hotels and rooms to let. On one hand you could book a room in the capital of Ermoupolis; on the other you can chose one other beach towns such as Azolimnos, Vari, Megas Yialos and Galissas. If you are looking for a Hostel you will find one situated in the town of Galyssas, which is next to the beach and plenty of restaurants, markets and shops.

Like gambling? Syros is the only island in Cyclades that hosts a Casino, which opened in 1997. It is hosted in a preserved building which dates back 1830. The building was restored with respect to the historic and Cycladic elements making it stand out as one of the best in Europe.



You will find the beast beaches of the island on the north-west coast. The ones that are easiest to access from Ermoupolis are Agios Nikolaos, which include a few umbrellas and sunbeds, Azolimnos which is a small but beautiful family-friendly beach with umbrellas and shallow waters, Vari which is similar to Azolimnos, Megas Gialos which has a lot of trees that offer a nice shade and where you can rent a canoe-kayak.

For those of you who have high expectations when it comes to natural beauty you can go to Achladi which is ideal for snorkeling excursions and has a lovely taverna, Agkathopes which has unique landscape of crystal clear water surrounded by trees and wild white lilies emerging from the fine sand. There is number of beaches on the north coast which you can reach getting a boat-ride from Kini of Finikas.



In Syros you will find top notch restaurants when it comes to quality of food, compared to the rest of the Cyclades that is and with lower cost. How can that be you may ask? The answer is quite simple. For starters the cuisine has direct influences coming from the refugee population from Asia Minor in the 1920s. The restaurants rely on keeping their local customers all year long thus raising the bar when it comes to quality over cost.

Do not neglect to have a go on the local products! One of the most well-known local delicacies you can get in Syros is the dessert Loukoumi, which resembles to a sweet jelly bean and it comes out in many flavors (bergamot, rose, coconut, lemon etc.). Another local delicacy is Chalvadopita, which is a sweet sticky bar made of fresh local honey and fresh ground almond. Additionally in Syros you can taste the local sausage spiced with fennel and the San Michalis cheese from local milk.