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Christmas Destinations in Greece

Greece is a fabulous destination 365 days a year. However, at Christmas there is a special charm like no other. And in Greece, travelers get to enjoy the festive atmosphere in an idyllic setting. Even though the country has become world renowned for its welcoming beaches and the deep blue seas, there is an equally thrilling Christmas identity waiting to unfold before your eyes. Below we have gathered some of the top Christmas destinations in Greece to inspire and fuel your wanderlust!


Christmas destinations in Greece

Less than 100 kilometers from Athens, Nafplio is a lovely seaside town in Peloponnese. It has been declared Greece’s first capital, after the War of Independence against the Turks. Besides its historic significance, the town is a sight for sore eyes. Cobbled pathways and neoclassic buildings, a romantic promenade by the harbor and the hospitable locals make it a treasured destination.
Amongst the various sights and attractions, you are encouraged to visit Palamidi Castle and Akronafplia on top of the town. You may reach it either by walking up 999 steps (yes, it is not a typo!) or via the modern road network. In addition, you should schedule a boat ride to Bourtzi. This is a small fortress on a tiny islet right opposite the harbor. There are also museums and squares filled with statues of prominent personalities from the glorious Greek past.
Nafplio is definitely a romantic destination, ideal for spending your Christmas vacations and enjoying the views, the history and local culture!

Oniroupoli Drama

Christmas destinations in Greece

Otherwise known as Drama Dreamland, this place is considered by many the Capital of Christmas in Greece. An entire town is transformed during these festive days and becomes home to dreams and fantasies. Every child would love exploring the magical paths of Oniroupoli, in between munching on Christmas treats and drinking hot chocolate.
Operating since 2004, the event has now gained prestige and has been established as something “natural”. In the midst of Drama city, in Northern Greece, preparations begin early on. And everything is ready by December. All the way up to New Year’s Day, Drama Dreamland welcomes kids and adults in a fairy tale. At the Square of Freedom and the Municipal Garden, Santa Claus and his assistants await you. Even if you do not believe in Santa, this is an experience to look forward to.
Concerts and artistic performances, colorful lights and snow falling, all these have placed Oniroupoli Drama in the best Christmas destinations in Greece.


Christmas destinations in Greece

Moving on, Nymfaio is a quaint village in Florina. According to UNESCO, this has been declared one of the top ten picturesque villages in entire Europe. It is nestled at an altitude of 1,350 meters, on the slopes of Mount Vernon. The village has been inhabited ever since the 1300s and its identity is truly amazing. Stone built houses and narrow pathways leading you from one neighborhood to the next, traditional cafés and taverns and, above all, breathtaking nature all around!
Birdwatching, mountain biking and hiking up and down the hills are some of the activities you are welcome to try out, when in Nymfaio. Two wetlands protected from Natura 2000 are nearby, if you feel adventurous enough to explore. And of course, ARCTUROS Environmental Sanctuary is found within a few miles from the village.
If you are looking for a snow-frosted village where time stands still on this Christmas holidays, Nymfaio will enchant you for sure!


Christmas destinations in Greece

Next stop, Mount Parnassos and Agoriani village! There is no doubt that Agoriani, or else Eptalofos, is among the best Christmas destinations in Greece. Its altitude reaches up to 950 meters and covers the slopes of seven hills. The village looks dreamy, with verdant forests of plane trees and firs, chestnuts and a lot more greenery. But during winter, snow falls like a fluffy blanket and makes the scenery even more idyllic.
The village of Agoriani lies within small distance from Parnassos Ski Center. So all of you ski lovers might as well find your perfect match there! Besides winter sports, though, the village is perfect for serene strolls and laid-back moments sipping Greek coffee and munching on spoon sweets. It resembles the Alps when it comes to the snowy landscapes and the grandiose natural backdrop. However, Agoriani still maintains its distinctive character.
For endless skiing and snowboarding, hiking through the snowflakes or just laying back and relaxing by the fireplace, you have found the perfect retreat!


Christmas destinations in Greece

Leaving Parnassos now, we head to Pindos Mountains in Epirus. This is where we find one more gem from the top Christmas destinations in Greece. Metsovo is a picturesque village, filled with life all year long. However, its peak is none other than Christmas time. This is where the traditional snow-capped house and chalets welcome travelers from all over the world.
In Metsovo you may find yet another ski center, ready to host your skiing attempts and snowboarding adventures. At the same time, there are also local museums that reveal the village’s impressive past to those lucky enough to look. Apart from all that, Metsovo is world renowned for its traditional gastronomy. When visiting the village, you should not neglect trying out Metsovone cheese, grilled meat and homemade dishes cooked in the oven.
Who wouldn’t enjoy a festive getaway, surrounded by nature and all-white scenery that takes your breath away?

Trikala Korinthias

Christmas destinations in Greece

Are you ready to tick the last name on the list with top Christmas destinations in Greece? Trikala Korinthias certainly justify their place in this elite list. Mountainous Korinthia or Corinthia is home to a lovely village, ideal for skiing at Ziria ski center and hiking through the slopes. Travelers are also welcome to rent bikes and explore the region, or choose a jeep for their rides. Horse riding is definitely a unique experience, especially in winter!
At Trikala Korinthias, unspoiled nature is evident all around. The villages consisting this complex are never overcrowded, which means you always enjoy that precious tranquility reminiscent of a different era. In the wider area, you should visit the chapels and churches, such as the Church of St. Nicholas with frescoes dating back to the 10th century. Old mansions from prominent families will also catch your eye and attract your attention.
Relax and take in the freshness of Greek nature, the magnitude of unpretentious beauty and the spectacular architecture of Trikala Korinthias!