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Top 3 Christmas Events in Greece

Christmas in Greece is absolutely marvelous! There are special customs that the locals follow to the letter. So you get to revive some of the finest traditions in the country. Besides that, Athens and the major cities are decorated with a Christmassy glee that leaves no one untouched. Have you ever walked the neighborhoods of Plaka or Ermou with the illuminated buildings all around? And of course, there are Christmas events in Greece that will steal your heart away!

No matter if you are visiting Athens or another part of Greece, you will find a plethora of events and festivities during the holiday seasons. We have gathered the top 3, just for inspiration! Let’s see how Christmas magic overflows in Greece, shall we?

The Christmas Factory

Christmas events in Greece

A special toy factory has opened its doors for kids and adults alike! Right in the heart of Athens, at Technopolis Gazi, children will get to live a fairytale. They will meet Santa Claus and take part in workshops. In addition, they will enjoy the Ferris wheel and the Carousel. Everything is festive and shiny. Just the perfect place for children to have fun and grown-ups to become kids again! And don’t forget the Christmas delicacies that you can find in the park. Oh, what a factory indeed!


Christmas events in Greece

In Drama, there is the City of Dreams! This is the famous Oneiroupoli, which has been an attraction of Northern Greece for many years. In Eleftheria Square, from 4 December, 2017 to 7 January, 2018 there will be magic! This is Santa’s house, along with picturesque wooden houses and workshops. There will be a lot of events, such as music concerts and theatrical performances. And you will get to see the House of Fairies and the Elves. Definitely one of the top Christmas events in Greece!

Museum of Acropolis

Christmas events in Greece

Another Christmas event in Athens! The capital has been lit up; so it makes sense that the modern Acropolis Museum takes part in the festivities. From mid-December (16-17 December), the museum becomes Christmassy and offers splendid experiences. White blocks of Lego will be available for kids to build their own Temples. This is not the only event that will take place in the museum. There are many different festivities, each of which will make your kids’ hearts beat faster!

Many More Christmas Events in Greece

Christmas events in Greece

This has been the top 3, but it certainly does not wrap up all festivities in the country. If you enjoy fairytales and dancing, then you should attend the Nutcracker at the Greek National Opera in Athens. In Thessaloniki, the festive atmosphere is really awesome and the Christmas events last till 7 January, 2018. In Aristotelous Square, there is a fantastic illuminated Christmas tree that marks the beginning of the celebrations. Every day there will be performances and workshops all around the city.

In Trikala, there is the fabulous Magical Mill of the Elves. This is an attraction not to be missed, in one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. Here you will find the Chocolate Factory, alongside Santa’s House and the Post Office for the Elves. A magical world unfolds and you are most welcome to join in!

Wherever you choose to spend your Christmas in Greece, the joyous atmosphere will overwhelm you! Have fun, ’tis the season to be jolly! Merry Christmas!