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Best Ski Centers in Greece for Christmas

Winter is here and the countdown till Christmas has begun! One of the major activities during winter is of course skiing. Below you will find some of the best ski centers in Greece. In total, Greece boasts 18 ski centers. Due to its mountainous terrain, this is a great number. So you will get the chance to enjoy snowy getaways in one of them. Get the equipment you need and decide; will you be lounging at the ski resort over hot chocolate or skiing down the mountain slopes?

Parnassos Ski Center

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Located at Mount Parnassus and near Delphi, Parnassos Ski Center is an excellent choice for you. There are 19 skin runs and 7 ski routes, as well as various hiking paths for nature enthusiasts. The ski center operates from December to May. It is fully organized and its highest altitude reaches 2,250 meters. You will find lovely places to stay in short distance. Athens is just 180 kilometers away, which means you can easily access Parnassus.

Seli Ski Resort

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Seli Ski Resort boasts an impressive history. It launched its operation back in 1934. Its location close to Thessaloniki makes it easily accessible from the North. There are 17 ski routes and 14 kilometers of descent, for passionate skiers. Otherwise known as Kato Vermio, Seli is situated in the picturesque city of Veria. After a long day skiing, you can explore the city and enjoy the scenery.

Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort

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Ranked high in the list of best ski centers in Greece, Kaimaktsalan is located on Mount Voras. Its highest altitude exceeds 2,480 meters. This is why it is snow-hugged throughout the year. It is an imposing landscape that offers unique ski experiences. There are 13 ski runs and 6 ski lifts for skiers. Apart from skiing, the snowboard fun park and the snow tubing park attract universal attention. And finally, a chalet covers the needs of even the most demanding guests.

Kalavryta Ski Resort

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On the slopes of Mount Helmos, Kalavryta Ski Resort is amazing. With 12 ski runs and 5 ski lifts, this is the major ski resort in Peloponnese and second largest in the country. Its highest point gets at 2,355 meters. If you are traveling to Athens first, you should know that it is quite easy to get here. The distance is 191 kilometers and there is a modern road network connecting you to the ski resort.

Discovering Ski Centers in Greece

Choose your Christmas destination, among a plethora of snow-hugged mountains and modern facilities. Enjoy your stay at the resorts nearby, taking advantage of the idyllic scenery. There are many unexplored places in Greece. Pick the ski resort that meets your criteria, depending on whether you are experienced in skiing or not. But keep in mind that even beginners are bound to have great fun up in the mountains!

Do not forget that the chalets offer hot chocolate and a selection of warming, filling dishes. After skiing and snowboarding all day, this is the perfect plan. And if you spend Christmas in one of these ski resorts, you will be stunned by the abounding snowfall and the magical environment. Definitely something for your bucket list!