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Greek Ypsilon & Papillon among the Hottest Cafés in the World

It’s always great to be appreciated! Especially when appreciation comes with a special award. Or, in this case, a stellar reference in the list of the ”2018’s Hottest New Café Openings Across the Globe”. Ypsilon Café in Thessaloniki and Papillon Bistrot in Athens have done it! They are parts of a pantheon, created for brand new cafés from all over the world. And they have earned their place with flying colors! They represent creative ideas from Greek businesses, in pursuit of innovation and the ultimate experience for their guests. And they deliver!


Art Meets Coffee & Quality Food at a neoclassic building in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. Even though the space itself dates back to 1870, a breath of fresh air dominates the atmosphere. It is more industrial than other coffee shops, with clear artistic statements indoors. Along with a steaming cup of coffee or a hearty snack prepared from the creative chefs and gastronomic wonderers working at Ypsilon, you are free to admire Art in all its forms. According to the owners, this is a hub where genuine conversations, debates and statements are welcome. There are various artistic events and special nights. You can also enjoy drinks and cocktails at the bar. An all-day coffee shop with a character!


Papillon Bistrot in Athens is a whole different story. Even though it is as new as Ypsilon, it encompasses the American style fused with the New Wave Italian style. Besides coffee and drinks, it offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The place is stunning, exuding an air of nostalgia and unpretentious luxury. Located in Neo Psychiko and the Northern Suburbs of Athens, it is easily accessible and promises exciting “all day stories”. Special nights with Jazz and Blues are a plus…although we think that there is no need for extra motivation!