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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece, also known as the co-capital. It has always been referred to as the place where dreams come alive. Thessaloniki boasts its special character, a laid-back atmosphere where time seems to be standing still. Although it is home to over a million inhabitants, nothing resembles the city with Athens. There is a whole different mentality in the minds of everyone from Thessaloniki, which is one of the reasons to fall in love with the place.

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Visit Thessaloniki: This Is Why

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First of all, Thessaloniki is a place with influences from the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantium and the Ottomans. You will find a plethora of sights and attractions revealing the long-lasting journey of the city towards finding its unique identity. The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, Roman baths and the Roman forum are just few of these attractions not to be missed.

Another reason to visit Thessaloniki is of course its cuisine. As the crossroad of different cultures, the blends have been translated into amazing culinary wonders. Have you ever tried out bougatsa? This is a pastry made of fyllo and filled with rich cream. Topped with cinnamon and caster sugar, it is the most cherished breakfast in the city. Dishes from the Orient with special twists compose the gastronomy of Thessaloniki. You should try out as many different recipes as you can…trust us!

Nightlife is iconic in Thessaloniki. Partying till the dawn or listening to music at one of the music halls throughout the city will amaze you! Thessaloniki is full of people and especially young spirits, eager to discover the true meaning of happiness. And in this process, music, alcohol and dancing are a must! Choose where you wish to go ad just hop on and off the various bars. You will be thrilled to find so many people having fun, esecially at Ladadika!

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The beach at Thessaloniki is simply breathtaking. You are welcome to stroll up and down the promenade, overlooking the Thermaic Gulf. The atmosphere is gorgeous. There are peole sitting on the benches by the water, while others indulge in cycling or jogging. You can of course find innumerable places to grab a coffee or eat with asunning view to the horizon. And the White Tower is definitely one of the most iconic attractions in Thessaloniki.

Finally, Thessaloniki is a cultural hub. There are festivals and special events held literally every day. So when you visit Thessaloniki, you will have the opportunity to feed your soul and spirit. Music concerts, exhibitions, gatherings and cultural events of all kinds make living in the city a true experience.

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Apparently, these are just the top 5 reasons to visit Thessaloniki. Your whole journey to this magical, nostalgic city will leave you craving for more. An eternal fusion of the Orient with the West, a city of antitheses, a place where dreamers find their Oasis!