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Tsiknopempti: A Feast for Meat Lovers!

Signifying the beginning of Carnival festivities in Greece, Tsiknopempti is celebrated all around the country in all its glory. The name derives from the distinctive aroma given out by barbecued meat. It is true that on this day everybody eats meat in Greece and they do so as a form of ritual. The whole preparation must be in a way that makes the kitchen burst with smells of grilled meat. A custom originating from the Ancient Greeks and Romans, most likely related to God Dionysus.

All You Can Eat Meat Tsiknopempti

Image credit: Carnivore Style

A few days before the Easter fast, Greeks have found a great way to enjoy meat. They gather in homes and restaurants, having a taste of grilled delicacies. Pork ribs and steaks, burgers and chicken thighs, along with meatballs, sausages and literally anything else meat-related, all cooked to perfection! Tsiknopempti is the perfect time of the year for meat connoisseurs and of course meat lovers. They can have “all they can eat meat” without any excuse!

Obviously, besides the grilling and consumption of meat, Tsiknopempti offers the chance for families and friends to gather. Drinking and laughing together over a table laid with all the goods is an experience on its own. So even if you are not that fond of meat, do not reject this long-lasting Greek custom.

If you search, you will find similar traditions in other cultures. For example, in France there is Mardi Gras. In Spain there is Jueves Lardero and in Germany people celebrate Weiberfastnacht. In Greece, Tsiknopempti is celebrated on a Thursday. More specifically, on February 8th of 2018 meat lovers will join forces and enjoy another memorable feast! Next rendezvous on February 28th of 2019!

What do you think? Are you ready to book your trip to Greece in time to celebrate Tsiknopempti?