Tripadvisor: Top 10 Greek islands

Do you find it hard to choose which Greek island to visit? Well, we totally understand you. With more than 6.000 islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas and six island complexes, there is much to discover even for those who have already visited Greece. The fact that only 227 of the Greek islands are inhabited does not make the selection any easier. Therefore a ranking of the top10 Greek islands might help with narrowing-down the options. It is based on the preferences and reviews of traveler’s on, the largest travel-related website in the world. The islands that made the list are fairly different. Yet they what they have in common is beautiful beaches, crystal clean waters, rich history and beautiful hotels. We are presenting you with a countdown of the most famous Greek islands below.

How many of the must-see Greek islands have you visited?

10. Milos, Cyclades

milos cyrclades
What about swimming at Kleftiko on Milos?

9.Skiathos, Sporades

skiathos greek islands
Imagine your self eating at a fish tavern by the sea at Skiathos

8.Naxos, Cyclades

Breathtaking sunset on Naxos

7.Cephalonia, Ionian

cephalonia greek islands
Have you ever swum in the Ioanian sea? Cephalonia will amaze you!

6.Corfu, Ionian

corfu greek islands
Enjoy the architecture of royal finesse on the island of Corfu

5.Zante, Ionian

zante greek islands
Never was a Shipwreck as exciting and beautiful – Shipwreck Beach on Zakynthos

4.Mykonos, Cyclades

Sunset at Little Venice Mykonos
Visit Little Venice in Mykonos town, it is unforgattable

3.Crete, Greece

The island of Crete has so many secrets; Balos beach is one of them

2.Rhodes, Dodecanese

rhodes top greek islands
Enter the timeless Medieval town of Rhodes from its beautiful port

1.Santorini, Cyclades

santorini greek islands
Santorini, the queen of the Greek islands

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