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Portaria Village: Magic Overlooking the Mount of Centaurs

Portaria is an elegant village, just 12 kilometers from Volos. It is a splendid destination, especially during winter. This is when travelers from all over the country visit the area, before heading to Pelion Ski Resort. The village has been built with utmost respect to the natural surroundings. It blends perfectly with the environment and offers a breath of fresh air to those lucky enough to visit. Whether you are a ski enthusiast seeking the perfect stop before indulging in snowboarding, skiing and riding the mountain slopes or you love excursions in the open air, this is a great place to be!


This is hands down one of the most picturesque villages in the Greek mainland. It sits comfortably at an altitude of 650 meters from sea level, providing exquisite views to the Pagasetic Gulf and the mountains. Travelers will fall in love with the red-tiled roofs and the stone houses, the old mansions and of course the cobbled pathways. Everything has been built with care and attention to detail in Portaria. And you can see it in every nook and cranny. Once you are there, you are welcome to stroll up and down the small streets and reach the square of Melina Merkouri, as well as that of Agioi Taxiarches.


Special mention should be made to local gastronomy. Whether you enjoy meat or lead a vegan lifestyle, Portaria features some of the finest delicacies in the entire country. Meat and sausages, fresh vegetables and fruit, spoon sweets and pies, pastries and so much more will whet your appetite and surprise your palate. And of course, you should try tsipouro and wine from local producers. As for activities and things to do in Portaria, they are so many! Try hiking and mountain biking, cooking classes and sightseeing tours with experienced guides. Or just mingle with the hospitable locals and you will crave nothing more than that!