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Hellenic Motor Museum

Owned by the Theodore Charagionis Foundation, Hellenic Motor Museum was established in 2011 in the very center of Athens. It is located within short distance from the National Archaeological Museum and stretches to over 5,000 square meters in a truly amazing building at the Capitol shopping mall. If you are looking for a wonderful museum that is both contemporary and filled with treasures from the modern world, with essences of tradition and nostalgia, then this will be a highlight of your stay in Athens!

hellenic motor museum

There are well over 110 exhibits on display at the museum any given time, while the entire collection consists of more than 300 cars from the 19th century and all the way to the late 20th century. Different eras are represented by the finest cars, luxurious and best sellers. They are all shiny and spotlessly clean, in a pristine state that invites you to drive them around the city! And what is more, there is a Formula 1 simulator within the Hellenic Motor Museum that allows you to become a racing driver at once! How about that?

hellenic motor museum

The museum is open daily, but the operating hours vary. On working days, they are open to the public from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. At the weekend, you have the opportunity to visit the museum from 11 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon, offering more time to families and those who wish to indulge in educational programmes, activities and events.