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Zagorochoria in Epirus

Nature enthusiasts will fall in love with this magnificent cluster of 46 picturesque villages in the region of Epirus. Zagorochoria are world famous for their pristine architecture, simple yet compelling and filled with long-lasting history and legends. As soon as you arrive to one of these unspoiled gems of Greek mainland, you will instantly realize that you have made the right decision. You are welcomed by the hospitable locals, invited to indulge in several activities related to nature and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. What more could you ask for?


Zagorochoria are located in Epirus, on the northwestern part of Greece. Each of them holds a special identity, yet they are all amazingly beautiful and cozy. Stone houses with red tile roofs and cobbled pathways, narrow still filled with the fragrances of jasmin, basil and mint. Central squares that are indeed the beating heart of the villages, with the locals gathering there for coffee and chat, in between tasting local treats. Tradition is overwhelming, embracing you from the first moment you mingle with those lovely people. Time stands still, in the most wonderful manner possible. An aura of romance and nostalgia fills the atmosphere.


If you are interested in hiking, you will be thrilled to follow one of the designated routes in the wider area. And for the more adventurous, there is rafting and mountain climbing, horseriding by the river of Voidomatis and even birdwatching. Vikos Gorge is another attraction worth including within your explorations, being the second deepest gorge in the entire world after the Grand Canyon. Vikos – Aoos National Park is another point of interest, especially for those in pursuit of the absolute natural retreat. Finally, the ski center of Vasilitsa is located within short distance from Zagorochoria.