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Wine Tourism in Thessaly: Trikala

Surrounded by the mountains of Tzoumerka, Hasia and Lakmos, the wider region of Trikala is considered mountainous terrain, even though the actual town is located on the iconic Thessalian plain. Viticulture in Trikala is evidenced ever since antiquity, with early findings of vines and utilities used to produce and drink wine. The Cave of Theopetra, for example, is home to some of these findings from the Paleolithic era. This is eloquent proof that thousands of years have brought us to contemporary wine making in the area, with a long lasting tradition that does not break the cycle. What is more, the imposing rocks of Meteora create a mystical aura, an atmosphere of awe and absolute respect for time and tradition. In the shadow of Meteora, local vineyards have set the basis for high quality wine from the local wineries. And the outcome is purely mesmerizing.

trikala wine tourism

Back in the day, the monks from Meteora monasteries used to cultivate the vineyards and they were excellent at it. However, this activity has deteriorated over the years and now cultivation has been handed over to local farmers. PGI Meteora in 2006 has been a huge step towards reviving traditional methods and techniques in viticulture. One of the most famous wineries is located at Raxa Trikala. More specifically, in 1989 the Tsililis distillery was launched and in 1996 the Theopetra Estate was established by the Tsililis family. The mystery of Meteora passes on to the wine products, thanks to the fertile soil and the mystical atmosphere all around. Limnionas is another wine variety from the area that is worth trying out, as well as Domaine Liakou.

trikala wine tourism

Schedule your trip to a place of exceptional natural beauty, where time stands still and each activity is treasured 100%. Wander through the local wineries, have a taste of the distinctive wine and pair it with local gastronomic delights. This is definitely a highlight of your stay in Trikala!