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Wine Tourism in Thessaly: Larissa

Larissa is the capital and largest city of the Thessaly region, on the slopes of Mount Olympus and all the way to Ossa (Kissavos). In such a historic area, the vineyards of Rapsani have given high quality wine ever since antiquity. Fertile soil and centuries of mastering the techniques of grape cultivation have brought PDO Rapsani and PGI Krania wines, along with Krassato, Stavroto and Xinomavro, Hamburg Muscat and Limniona. These are the finest options in wine tasting through the local wineries, after having visited the fabulous vineyards and found out more about this long-lasting form of art. Local farmers have incorporated modern techniques into tradition, without spoiling even the tiniest bit of the authentic flavors produced in Larissa, which is why this is a great place to indulge in wine tourism activities.

larissa wine tourism

The wine festival of Ampelonas is a fine example of how much the locals have valued viticulture in the area, celebrating annually for over 60 years in the region of Tyrnavos. Everyone gathers and tastes wonderful wine from the wineries, dancing and having fun with both villagers and travelers who come from every part of the world. This is a great experience, without a doubt! Of course, grapes also offer another significant distillate in the region. Tsipouro is an equally fine alcoholic drink produced in Larissa, even though its history does not travel to the beginning of time and recorded history. However, you are more than welcome to delve into its mysteries and combine your love for wine, along with another local product of massive value.

larissa wine tourism

Ktima Karipidis is one of the top wineries in the region, located in Vounaina of Larissa. The winery consists of 300 hectares and grows an impressive variety of grapes, to be used in wine production. Only the highest quality standards are acceptable here, as well as innovative techniques and a vision that evolves the winery non-stop. Vasdavanos Winery and Dougos Winery are also amazing places to be, while visiting Thessaly and its glorious capital!