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Wine Tourism in Thessaly: Karditsa

Back in 1455, a Frankish nobleman ended up in the area of Thessaly and fell in love with the wider region of Karditsa. He brought with him a vision for wine making and his knowledge on modern, efficient grape cultivation methods. This was Monsieur Nicolas. What he specifically introduced the locals with a particular grape variety harvest, which produced the Black Messenicola wine. As you can imagine, the villagers gave him the name Messenicola, as an abbreviation of his actual name. Four generations later, the Karamitros family revived the entire area and boosted viticulture. Of course, a great part in this boost was given by the creation of the artificial lake Plastiras. This is a vital element of the wider region and it turned out to be perfect for wine making.

karditsa wine tourism

Carignan and Syrah are blended together with the local grapes of Messenicola, in order to produce a distinctive wine variety that is indeed the newest addition among Greek Designated Wines. But besides the true protagonist here, there are also many other wine varieties that will catch your eye and satisfy even the most discerning of palates. One of them is Limnionas, which produces wine of the highest quality standards. Obviously, when visiting Winery Monsieur Nicolas, Karamitrou Winery or Filia Gi Winery in the area, you will also have the chance to discover the natural beauty surrounding the artificial lake.

karditsa wine tourism

Wander through the cobbled pathways and visit Fanari Castle, Koroni Monastery, Pausilipon Park and the hidden waterfall of Anthohori, the Botanic Garden and the famous wetland, in between your wine routes. Schedule a trip to Thessaly and head to other areas, as well, including Larissa and Trikala. This way, you will get the full picture of wine making tradition in Thessaly, with a modern twist that makes the difference and adds innovation to the mix. Enjoy!