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Wine Tourism in Peloponnese: Ilia

Are you fascinated by the concept of the Olympic Games? Their birth took places many years ago, in Peloponnese and more specifically in the region of Ancient Olympia. Hence, once you travel to Ilia you cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the splendor and awe derived by the unique archaeological findings. However, Ilia wine tourism brings to light a different type of charm for the entire area. Fertile ground, fields filled with juicy grapes and locals blending tradition with modern techniques and inspired methods in wine making. All these are waiting for you to discover!

ilia wine tourism

Ilia vineyards produce the famous PDO Ilia wines, along with wines from Pisatis and Letrina. Besides the breathtaking site of Ancient Olympia, which is protected by UNESCO as it has been declared as a monument of exceptional historic value, there are also the settlements of Ancient Ilis and Alfeira, the Temple of Apollo (another UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kaiafas Lake and much more to see. If you are interested in the suggested wine roads of Ilia in Peloponnese, here you go:

  • Lechaina, Myrsini, Kyllini, Kyllini Castle, Kyllini Baths, Arkoudi, Vartholomio and Gastouni
  • Krestena, Kallithea, Andritsena, Figalia, Tholo, Zacharo and Kaiafas
  • Pirgos, Skafidia, Korakochori and finally Katakolo
  • Paleochori, Savalia, Ampelokampos, Amalias, Chavari, Ancient Elis, Artificial Lake & Dam of Pinios, leading to Keramidia
  • Last but definitely not least, Ancient Olympia, Dam of Alfeios (Flokas), Varvasena, Lantzoi, Foloi, Lampia (Divri)

ilia wine tourism

As you can see, wine enthusiasts will have the opportunity to combine their love for wine making with some equally amazing activities and visits to historic sights. There is nothing better than enjoying the natural surroundings, learning more about a craft that has survived through the centuries almost intact. And in Ilia, this has happened over time with the traditional wine producing methods that have been honored along the way. Of course, local wineries have incorporated cutting-edge technologies and worldwide knowledge. And it is this blend that makes Ilia wine tourism so marvelous!