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Wine Tourism in Peloponnese: Arcadia

In the heart of the Peloponnese, wine making dates back to antiquity. Ever since man discovered the amazing nectar of the Gods, they have mastered the art of grape harvesting and combining different varieties, to produce the finest wine. In the case of Arcadia, it is the variety of Moschophilero and the sparkling wines of Mantinea as registered trademarks. These are the most popular wine varieties, attracting wine enthusiasts from all over the world to visit this spectacular place and learn more about viticulture and wine tasting. This is why Arcadia wine tourism is the result of an increasing trend, the transformation of Arcadia into the “Tuscany of Greece”.

arcadia wine tourism

Discover the famous plateau of Mantineia, where it all started centuries ago for winemakers. Explore the picturesque villages at the slopes of Mounts Mainalo, Artemisio and Parnon. They are all authentic and feature some of the loveliest views in the wider area. God Dionysus was worshiped extensively in Arcadia, which is the most eloquent proof that locals appreciated wine and wanted to take part in great celebrations, festivities where they danced and laughed, they had fun while sipping on high quality wine. Nowadays, of course, there are many wineries available for those seeking to master the art of wine making. Tours are organized on a daily basis, where wine lovers have the chance to find out more about the local varieties, as well as indulge in wine and food pairing.

arcadia wine tourism

A popular wine road takes you from Tripoli to Ancient Mantinea and Artemisio. Another route follows the trails of Tripoli, Kapsias, Levidi, Vytina, Dimitsana and the lovely Stemnitsa. Last but not least, you may choose to head from Tripoli to Tegea, Rizes, Doliana and Astros. There are various options, depending on your preferences and how much time you are willing to spend on these activities. But whatever you do, be sure to buy some bottles of Moschophilero and Mantinea PDO wines, so as to truly experience the very best of Arcadia wine tourism!