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Wine Tourism in Northern Greece: Pella – Goumenissa

Northern Greece holds great treasures to nature enthusiasts, due to the unspoiled landscapes and the vast green fields all around. If you are interested in viticulture, you will be particularly fascinated by the special wine road of Pella and Goumenissa, starting from Pella and going all the way to Kilkis with Goumenissa and Giannitsa. On the slopes of Paiko mountain, at an altitude reaching 1,650 meters above sea level, you will find Goumenissa. This is a lovely quaint village, producing some of the finest red grape varieties in the country. More specifically, you will find Roditis, Xynomavro and Negoska in the wider area and the result is a true blessing for your palate.

pella goumenissa wine

Moving forward and to the west, those who wish to indulge in a wonderful wine adventure will travel to Aridaia and get to Pella valley from Kaimaktsalan skiing resort. PDO Goumenissa, PGI Pella and PGI Slopes of Paiko are the most popular local products for you to seek there. Of course, the whole experience could not be complete without the proper food and wine pairing activities, hosted at the certified wineries in the region. The famous Boutari winery has a branch in Goumenissa, which you are more than welcome to visit. Then, there is Chatzivaritis Estate with great opportunities to learn more about grape harvest and wine making.

pella goumenissa wine

And of course, the rich historic and cultural background of Northern Greece cannot be neglected. You should pay a visit to the archaeological site of Pella and the local museum, the hot springs of Pozar and Almopea Speleopark. These are just few of the suggestions for a complete getaway that combines wine experiences of the highest quality standards, along with amazing sightseeing options. The choice is yours, so set out on your wine adventure to Northern Greece and enjoy every moment!