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Wine Tourism in Northern Greece: Epirus

Located in the nortwestern part of Greece, Epirus is world renowned as a place filled with nature’s bliss. Evergreen forests, mountainous terrain, imposing slopes and impressive lakes, canyons and stone bridges. An excellent destination throughout the year, due to the unspoiled landscapes and the wealth of tradition, the excellent gastronomic culture and the amazingly hospitable locals. And on top of all that, wine tourism in Epirus has been developed in a way that fascinates wine lovers of the world.


The most prominent destination in Epirus is without a doubt Ioannina. Metsovo and Zitsa are the two places where prestigious wineries can be found. This is why the wine route of Epirus has been shaped around them. Metsovo sits comfortably at an altitude of around 1,000 meters above sea level. One of the iconic wine varieties produced here is Cabernet Sauvignon. And then again, Zitsa offers a great option for viticulture. Here is the heaviest annual rainfall in the entire country, elevating to 40in. As for the grapes cultivated, mostly Debina white covers the territory and produces PDO Zitsa.


There are not many wineries in Epirus, but few of them are indeed worth exploring. So if you travel to Northern Greece and are a fan of wine making, you should not miss out a visit to Katogi Averoff and Zoinos Winery, as well as Estate Glivanos. And of course, there is much more to see when you travel to Greece. Apart from wonderful wine and food pairing, you can also indulge in visiting the wonderful Valia Calda National Park and the Perama Cave, Dodoni and Kalpaki, the natural pools of Papigo and Vikos. Tasting the local delicacies is another highlight, since Epirus is famous for homemade pies and traditional dishes cooked to perfection. All these, of course, accompanied by delicious Epirus wine!