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Wine Tourism in Northern Greece: Discovering the Lakes

As you are traveling Northern Greece, you will certainly be amazed at the natural beauty and the exceptionally unspoiled landscapes. Verdant plains and forests, imposing mountains and steep hills, vast fields filled with greenery, blossomed flowers and fragrant plants complete the absolute canvas. In this special terrain, wine tourism could not help but flourish beyond compare. And this is why there are so many wonderful places to visit in Northern Greece as a wine enthusiast, including the lakes.

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The two emblematic lakes of the wider region are Lake Vegoritida and Lake Petres. The former was known in the past as Lake Ostrovo and covers Western Macedonia, within short distance from Amyntaio and Edessa. Overlooking the Voras Mountains to the north, this is a breathtaking place that sparks inspiration and motivates you to taste great wine. And great wine you will find! As for the latter, Lake Petres is also located in Amyntaio and is also a wetland. The wine route of the Lakes is so mesmerizing, offering visitors the chance to visit some of the finest wineries in the area. Alfa Estate and Vogiatzi Estate are two of these wineries, along with Domaine Stergiou and The Two Friends.

wine tourism lakes

Wine tourism in Northern Greece has got a lot to offer. The route of the Lakes allows visitors to indulge in skiing at the emblematic Kaimaktsalan ski resort and visit the picturesque settlement of Saint Athanasios. Then, those who are interested in therapeutic spas, Aridaia Baths of Pozar are found within short distance, as well as Vigla Skiing Resort and so much more. And of course, Prespes Lakes are also spectacular places of natural beauty and great significance, in terms of flora and fauna.