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Wine Tourism in Peloponnese: Messinia

Wine making in Greece dates back to antiquity, with an impressive history that has survived through the centuries. The Olympian Gods used to enjoy high quality wine, while the Greeks have cultivated the land and produced some of the finest grape varieties in the world. The mastery of viticulture has become universal trait of man, with Greek wine ranking among the best in the entire planet. And in this scenery, wine tourism in Peloponnese has been increasing in popularity at a dramatic pace. Such an increase reflects the growing trend in the country, with wine producers focusing on quality and attention to detail even further. So for all you wine enthusiasts, combine your vacations to Peloponnese with a tour to the top wineries in the area, for an experience to treasure for a lifetime.

wine tourism in messinia

Wine tourism in Messinia mainly spans to the region of Trifilia. There are some truly talented wine producers along the way of Pylia, Nestoras and Messini. The wine roads of Messinia present unique interest, since they highlight some of the most succulent wine varieties in Greece. Fruity, extremely flavored and ideal for accompanying any type of meal, or enjoyed on their own, they are truly memorable for your palate and awaken memories from the past. When it comes to branding, wine of Messinia deserves its own name of origin and has gained that over time. So there are wine products from Trifilia, Pylia, Nestoras and Messini with their respective names. As for the routes you may follow in the area to discover the finest wineries and learn more about the whole process, there are multiple options. These options feature Filiatra, Marathopoli, Gargalianoi, Pirgos Trifilia, Romanos, Gialova, Pylos and Methoni, Kyparissia and Raches, as well as Christianoupoli. Nestor Palace is an exceptional place, where you can arrange a visit to Nestor Winery and delve in the mysteries of wine making.

wine tourism in messinia

And let’s not forget that Messinia is a beautiful place, filled with historic treasures and landscapes of unspoiled beauty. So once you have scheduled your activities regarding wine tourism in Messinia, it is also worth exploring the area history-wise. Dive in the crystalline waters of Peloponnese, visit the Medieval Castles and Byzantine churches, experience absolute serenity in the idyllic natural landscapes and of course taste the local delicacies…always accompanied by local Messinian wine!