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Wine Tourism in Thessaly: Magnesia

Magnesia is a region of Central Greece, with outstanding natural beauty and historic value. Its capital is Volos, a coastal town filled with picturesque taverns by the sea. This is where you will find ouzo, tsipouro and of course high quality local wine accompanying the marvelous mezedes (small dishes bursting with flavors to be shared among those who share their table). A fine dining experience that will fascinate you, for sure. PDO Aghialos wines are produced by the wider Magnesia vineyard, at the southern foothills of Mount Pelion from Pagasetic Gulf to the Aegean Sea. These areas compose the two wine roads of Magnesia, either following the trail of Pagasetic or stretching to the valleys of South Pelion. Either one of these routes is scenic and holds treasures, waiting to be revealed.

magnesia wine tourism

Apostolakis Estate is one of the most popular wineries in the region, with a history dating back to 1922 and the family’s arrival to Magnesia, as refugees from Asia Minor. They use organic farming methods, in order to grow high quality grapes and turn them into wine or tsipouro. Local wine varieties like Syrah and Xinomavro are combined with fruits, such as berries and spices, giving out the most wonderful flavors and fragrances. And then Patistis Organic Wines is another place worth discovering during your visit to Magnesia. Even though it is rather small in size, the vineyard blends different varieties and produces amazing wines. Xinomavro is united with Roditis or Limnio, while Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon also produce mind-blowing wines to taste!

magnesia wine tourism

Explore the entire region of Magnesia, with Pelion ski resort and the quaint mountainous villages. Visit the historic sites and indulge in outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling, kayaking and mountain climbing. And of course, set out on a new gastronomic adventure through food and wine pairing, with spectacular sea views!