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Wine Tourism in Greece

Viticulture has been correlated with Greece since the beginning of time. In Greek Mythology, God Dionysus represents the God of Wine, Dancing and Music. People would indulge in endless hours of having fun, eating together and sipping on high quality wine for ages. It is an element that kept society united, a reason for celebrating throughout the year and a basic ingredient of happiness. Wine is so much more than another drink. It is part of Greek culture, and some claim it is the elixir of life. Oenotourism or wine tourism in Greece reflects the journey of this special component in time, introducing wine enthusiasts to the Greek wine roads. If you wish to follow the tracks of how wine was invented, praised and perfected over the centuries, each plain and valley in the country has got mystical treasures to explore. And there are professionals with great talent and insatiable inspiration that lead the way.

wine tourism in greece

Greek mainland provides fertile ground and exceptional weather conditions, ideal for cultivating grapes and growing vineyards that will end up giving their juicy fruit for wine production. It takes more than planting the seed, obviously. It takes a lot of time and effort, specialized knowledge acquired by trial and error, persistence and so much more. And then, wine production boils down to aging and combining the right kind of spices and herbs, fruits and other elements into a unique mix. Wine tourism in Greece gives you the opportunity to unravel these mysteries and discover the detailed processes of wine making. It depends on which destination you visit, displaying different techniques and producing different varieties. But all the wineries in Greece have something in common, which is the inherent drive of wine producers to excel and create something worthy of the expectations of foodies and wine enthusiasts worldwide. It is like it has been infused in the Greek DNA to always strive for the best in wine, as wine defines our history to a great extent.

wine tourism in greece

From wine tasting to learning more about grape varieties, barrels used and temperatures, aging procedures and food pairing, wine tourism in Greece is a growing trend of enormous and ever-growing demand. It is a way for the Greek winemakers to show the world what they can do, in perfect alignment with Greek wine history. Follow the trails in Athens and Peloponnese, in the iconic Santorini with the volcanic soil and on the island of Crete, in Corinth and Northern Greece, exploring a whole new world of wine. An experience to cherish, an adventure that reveals an entire civilization in each sip, poured in each glass…Cheers!