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Wine Tourism in Attica

Attica is a historic region that embraces Athens in Central Greece. With an impressive history that goes all the way back to antiquity and the Golden Age of Athens, this is where the Arts and Philosophy bloomed in the past. Commerce and maritime thrived, while all the prominent personalities flocked Attica in an attempt to be part of this growing, living organism that gave birth to ideas like Democracy. The excellent weather conditions with the abundant sunlight and limited rainfall, the sea breeze and Mediterranean climate in general are all elements contributing to the establishment of Attica as one of the top wine destinations in the world. And of course, God Dionysus is to thank for introducing the locals to grape cultivation and harvest.

attica wine tourism

In this historic region, the most famous indigenous wine variety is none other than the strongly flavored resinous wine known as Retsina. It is truly amazing how it was produced in the first place. Since the Athenians were involved in trade and stored their wine in amphorae, they used the resin of pines to seal them. Over time, wine gained a specific aftertaste and intoxicating fragrance that the locals anticipated. So even though barrels came to replace the amphorae, the production of Retsina never stopped. Apart from this resinous wine variety, however, Attica is also home to Savvatiano and Roditis, Athiri and Vilana, White Muscat, Assyrtiko, Robola and so many other varieties. And as you can see, white grapes have overthrown red ones in the area.

attica wine tourism

Plan your visit to the best Attica wineries and you will be amazed at their deep know-how, modern facilities and respect to tradition. It seems that professionals have focused on maintaining a 4,000-history in all its glory, adding contemporary techniques that improve the quality of wine, without changing its value and always in perfect alignment with the vision of the Athenians from centuries ago. Domaine Papagiannakos and Fragou Winery, Markou Vineyards and Gikas Winery, Kellari Papachristou and Mylonas Winery are just few of your must-see places in Attica. Enjoy the climate, the gastronomic treasures and the wonderful opportunities revealed before your eyes, in one of the most significant destinations in the entire world!