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The Wine Route of the Olympian Gods

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece, literally separating Thessaly and Macedonia. This landmark has always been a source of inspiration. Ever since antiquity, the Greeks watched the thunders and the clouds drowning the mountain and thought that the Olympian Gods would live there. It was definitely a place worthy for the Gods, untouchable by Men. And so, all the way up to contemporary living, this mountain inspires legends and myths. And what else could the Gods drink but wine? Wine produced by the local vineyards, offered to them in the form of ambrosia and nectar.

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The wine route of the Olympian Gods is one of the most emblematic paths to follow in Northern Greece. It features the iconic valley of Tempi, a vast area filled with greenery. Rapsani and Krania, the archaeological site of Dion and Elatochori are some of the highlights in this route. Milia and Platamonas, Ampelakia and so much more will fascinate travelers. PDO Rapsani red wine varieties are produced here, along with PGI Pieria wines. And of course, during your visit you will have the chance to enjoy the magnificent Pinios river and the Castle of Platamonas.

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One of the finest wineries of the entire region with a great reputation is Tsantali. They have vineyards in 5 different places all over Greece, including Naoussa and Thessaloniki. But here you will find the delicious, fruity Rapsani wine that will take you on a journey of the senses. Their story dates back to 1890, thanks to the vision of Evangelos Tsantalis. Nowadays, they have grown into one of the most famous families in the business of wine making and they continue on their upward trajectory. So visiting one of their wineries is definitely an experience worth living, while you are visiting Thessaly and Northern Greece!