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When is the best time to visit Rhodes?

The Old Town, the Palace of the Grand Master and the Valley of Butterflies, the archaeological site of Lindos and plenty of beaches will catch your eye in Rhodes. We have already referred to the top things to do on the island. But when is the best time to visit Rhodes? As an island, the obvious answer would be during summer. Is Rhodes, though, a typical island? No! So the answer definitely varies.

Summer Holidays in Rhodes

best time to visit rhodes

Of course Rhodes is world renowned for its majestic coastline. Long sandy beaches, both fully organized and unspoiled ones, will fascinate you. When you are visiting Rhodes in summer, you cannot help but dive in the transparent waters…and then dive again! Some of the most popular beaches in Rhodes include Faliraki and Lindos, Kallithea and Tsambika. We are sure you will discover a lot more!

The weather is fine, sunny all the time but with a cool refreshing breeze – especially at night. You can visit all sights and attractions. Just make sure that you have your hat and sunscreen on. You will need them, so as to prevent any negative consequences from the sun!

Spring and Autumn Breaks


If you are searching for quiet yet wonderful vacations, spring and autumn will both satisfy you. Perhaps this is the best time to visit Rhodes. Unless you are interested in partying till early in the morning, you will not miss a thing. On the contrary, you will find the temperatures more satisfying and the visits to attractions more enjoyable. There is still plenty of buzz around the city. So your holidays will lack nothing in terms of quality and diversity.

Winter Deals in Rhodes


Last but not least, winter getaways in Rhodes are also amazing. They unveil a whole different type of beauty. Rhodes is filled with natural landscapes of exquisite elegance. So you can find them and still enjoy the Greek sunshine most days. Since Rhodes is connected with Athens, Thessaloniki and the islands, it is certain that you will be able to combine your visit to Rhodes with other trips. Maybe island hopping is an option for you on a cruise; or maybe head to Athens after spending a week in Rhodes.

Wrapping up – Best Time to Visit Rhodes


There is not a single answer that can cover all needs and specialized desires. So it is up to you to see when you are going to get most satisfaction out of your trip. If you are a summer enthusiast, you know when to schedule your trip to Rhodes. If on the other hand you enjoy quieter places and wish to see nature at its finest, spring or autumn will be your top options. Winter is for those who seek something different. An extraordinary experience, matching no snowy resort!

Of course, the ideal solution would be to visit Rhodes in various times of the year. As a result, you would have the opportunity to compare your travel experiences and answer the question “Which is the best time to visit Rhodes?”