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When is the best time to visit Crete?

Crete is the largest island of Greece and offers unforgettable experiences to all travelers. It is a place filled with unspoiled natural beauty and amazing landscapes. Cretan hospitality is world renowned and the same goes for the local gastronomy. So it is only fair that visitors from all over the world flock the island, for a glimpse at the Cretan wonder. But when is the best time to visit Crete?

Best Time to Visit Crete

Although the mild temperatures allow for all-year-round tourism, it basically depends on your own needs and desires. The majority however would agree that summer is the best time to visit Greece. If you wish to enjoy the majestic beaches of Crete and soak under the sun of the Mediterranean, then summer months are idyllic for you. There are many travelers on every part of the island. So you can choose to visit the most impressive parts of the Cretan coastline.

In addition, entertainment options are at their peak during summer. So you can indulge in partying and clubbing till the first sun rays appear on the sky. Crete is a marvelous place, combining extraordinary natural beauty with top class services and vibrant nightlife. Finally, many seasonal local products are abundant during summer. Amazingly fresh scarlet tomatoes, wild greens and of course extra virgin olive oil will fascinate you in every single bite!

Spring or Fall

best time to visit crete

Spring and autumn offer you the opportunity to enjoy Crete under a different perspective. You will find milder temperatures. After all, there will be no exhaust heat like summer. As a result, you can access all the major sights and attractions without any hesitation or problem. Hiking at the Samaria Gorge is an experience not to be missed,. You can also visit the Palaces of Knossos and Phaistos.

In Crete, the tourist industry never stops buzzing. This means that you will always find well-structured facilities and services that meet your criteria and standards. Especially during spring and fall, there are quite a few offers for tourists who wish to discover the parts of Crete. It is worth taking the time and checking out tours and special packages.

Mild Winter


Even when traveling to Crete during the winter, you will find a lot of interesting things to do. Rainfall is scarce and it is not rare a phenomenon for sunny days to welcome visitors on the island. Besides, Crete is an island of antitheses. You have the opportunity to dive in crystalline waters. At the same time, you can climb on top of a rocky mountain! The geomorphology is such that enables different activities.

 Visit Crete throughout the Year

crete sunset

Summer, spring, autumn and winter…all are different seasons, blossoming in Crete! There is absolutely nothing getting in the way, stopping you from enjoying your vacations in Crete. Instead, you will find hidden gems and aspiring activities throughout the year.

Obviously, when visiting Greece you might be tempted to go for island hopping. You will see that Crete is well connected with the rest of the islands. There are particularly frequent ships to Cyclades and Dodecanese. It is also connected with Peloponnese and there are many daily ships departing from and arriving to Crete from Athens.

So the proper answer to the question “When is the best time to visit Crete?” would be to look inside you. Discover what it is that excites you. Then decide when to visit this blessed island of Greece. One word of advice, though; make sure to have enough time to squeeze in as many different activities and visits as possible during your trip to Crete!