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When is the best time to visit Athens?

Athens is the ultimate all-year-round destination, composing the dream of each traveler. Be it summer, spring, winter or autumn, you should visit Athens. This emblematic city will steal your heart away and offer you an unforgettable holiday experience. Combining the past with the present, Athens will fascinate you not only with its history. It will also stun you with its contemporary attractions and vibrant lifestyle.

Now When Is the Best Time to Visit Athens?

Without a hint of exaggeration, Athens welcomes travelers from all over the world 365 days a year. There is no actual time that can be described as the best to visit a place like Athens. Due to its temperate climate and smooth connectivity with the rest of the world, it is accessible all the time. So whether you are a fan of the Mediterranean sunshine or you prefer going on trips during winter, Athens will not let you down.

Summer Vacations in Athens

visit athens summer syntagma

Even if you have scheduled a cruise to the Greek islands, it is definitely worth dedicating a day or two (at least) in Athens. You will be thrilled to visit the world renowned Parthenon along with the modern Museum of Acropolis, Syntagma Square and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, National Archaeological Museum and so many other points of interest in the historic center.

One helpful piece of advice would be to avoid leaving the hotel without the necessary precautions. After all, summer in Athens goes hand in hand with elevated temperatures. These may even reach 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore you will need a hat, sunglasses, a sunscreen and light clothes. A cold bottle of water would be great too, as well as a camera to take pictures of all the beauty surrounding you!

Besides the city center, you are encouraged to discover the hidden beauty of Athenian Riviera. The coastline invites you to dive in crystalline waters, sip on colorful cocktails and enjoy the view of the majestic horizon far away. Summer in Greece and Athens in particular is breathtaking, to say the least!

Athens Autumn Breaks

visit athens autumn

The weather is starting to cool off and the autumn breeze certainly makes your explorations of the city even more pleasurable. You can still enjoy the warmth of the sun most of the days. So autumn is an excellent time to visit Athens and spend more days in the Greek capital. A day in the wider area of Plaka would be amongst the highlights of your visit.

If you are looking for less crowded places and an equally breathtaking holiday experience, autumn is your best bet. You can even find great offers, since peak season has come to an end. Most locals will be back to their business. So you will not have any trouble shopping or enjoying the lovely and vibrant Athenian lifestyle.

Winter Is Coming to Athens

visit athens winter

Chances are that you will not be seeing a snowy Christmas Eve in Athens. But this does not mean that winter is not a lovely time to visit Athens. On the contrary, this is when you get to see a different aspect of this fabulous city. Due to the mild temperatures, you will not be put off to set out on your Athenian discoveries. In fact, you may be surprised by the impressively sunny days you get during winter.

Winter sales cover the months of January and February each year and provide the ideal chance to get great bargains. Whether you choose to visit the shopping malls in the heart of Athens or Ermou Street, malls at the outskirts or the local markets, you will find many interesting things to buy at astonishingly low prices.

Of course, Athens is a place of distinctive culture. Especially during winter you will find unmatched festivals and cultural events. Theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions will catch your eye and offer you memorable experiences in Athens. And as we are counting backwards for Christmas and New Year, festivities become brighter. The city is transformed into a sparkling place, ready to enchant you.

Spring Time in Athens

visit athens spring

In spring a special type of beauty is unveiled before your eyes in Athens. Flowers bloom and the birds fly free in the clear blue sky. In this majestic time of the year, you will enjoy every single moment of your stay in the city. A walk at the nearby parks or at the prominent National Garden is a must.

Your strolls will be filled with exquisite aromas and chromatic combinations. Breathe in the fresh air and relish your tour in Athens. Visit Cape Sounio or head to daily tours to Delphi Oracle, Meteora or Argolis. Always having Athens as your starting point, you will not miss a thing!

The Verdict


As you can see, each season has something special to offer. If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Athens, don’t. No matter when you schedule your trip to the city, you will be blown away. Its singular beauty and impressive character will leave you wanting to see more. And the only thing that we can tell you for sure is this: nobody comes to Athens and does not want to come back again!

So once you have made up your mind, feel free to contact Travel Zone. We will be more than happy to suggest the most suitable options for you. According to your personalized needs and desires, there are hundreds of things to do and see in Athens. Let us discover them together!