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What Makes the Greeks So Hospitable?

Ever since antiquity, the Greeks have cherished guests and welcomed travelers from all over the world. It is no wonder that Xenios Zeus is in fact the King of the Olympian Zeus and a protector of guests. So Greek hospitality can be traced back in time. In its modern form, it is the epitome of hospitality and blends contemporary facilities with top notch services and a friendly touch. How can this be? Well, some say that the secret lies within Greek genes!

Greek Housewives


Whoever has visited a quiet village or a Greek island must have noticed that. Greek housewives of all ages are friendly and welcoming towards strangers. There is no feeling of rejection or doubt. On the contrary, foreigners are treated exactly as family. In many places, you will see the elderly participating in the whole process of befriending travelers. Through sweet and savory treats, sincere smiles and a heart-felt handshake, it is hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere!

Greeks Embodying a Long Lasting Secret


Through time, the Greeks have managed to establish Greek Hospitality as a principle. It is not mandatory to follow the rules. Instead, welcoming strangers and treating them as their own brings happiness and self fullfilment. Being able to shape pleasant, unforgettable memories for somebody is a geat gift. And since travelers have selected Greece as their destination, what a better way to return the favor?

This is why you will see that most locals open their doors andwelcome you inside. They are eager to help you out when you are lost. More than that, they will share their food with you and invite you to their festivities. They will cook the most delicious meal, pour a glass of wine and wish you a unique holiday. Each visit to Greece is amazing, especially when you trace these Greeks who will go above and beyond towards making you feel like home. Because this is Greece; home to everyone feeling like a Greek!