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Welcome to Toy Museum on Athenian Riviera

Are you a fan of vintage toys and wish to learn more about their history? At the brand new Toy Museum in Athens, you will be able to explore true magic! Set on three distinct levels, the museum offers a splendid glimpse at our childhood. Innocent dreams, laughter without agenda and colorful bliss are waiting for an unforgettable experience. Opening its doors to the public in late October (Thursday, October 26th 2017), the Toy Museum is holding an open day on Sunday, October 22nd 2017.

The Magic of Toy Museum

Toy Museum

Benaki Museum has managed to create a special place by the sea. In a gothic style tower, the stone walls and abundant sunlight add to the unique character of the museum. You will find thousands of toys, divided into categories. There are dolls and puppets, folk toys and board games, imported and traditional toys. A classic mansion has been transformed into the tower of fairytales! And the outcome is purely mesmerizing.

You can schedule your visit to the Toy Museum from Thursday to Sunday. Opening hours stretch from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm. While you are there, it is best to enjoy a quiet drink overlooking the Saronic Gulf and the fabulous sunset. Or better yet, a sumptuous meal in the area?

Let’s feel like we did back when we were kids … a refreshing experience, without a doubt!