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Welcome to Patmos Chora

Once you step on the island of Patmos, you are swept away by the aura of sacred bliss all around you. It is the island where the Apocalypse was written, perhaps the most intense book of Christianity. And in the middle of the island stands an entire castle, guarding the Monastery of Saint John. An emblematic structure that has shaped Patmos Chora around it, so as to protect it from the pirates and other hostile intrusions.

Patmos Chora

Chora is typically the largest settlement on an island and the same goes for Patmos. The whitewashed houses and the narrow cobbled pathways are scenic, creating a wonderful canvas on top of the hill. In order for the islanders to protect themselves further, they built exterior walls that were higher than the houses. So people were put off from climbing on top of them and gaining access.
Patmos Chora is an excellent example of Medieval architecture on the Greek islands. A mixture of the Cycladic beauty with the white color reflecting the Greek sunlight, along with the distinctive lines of the Byzantine era and Medieval times. A true masterpiece to admire, while strolling along the pathways.

Patmos Chora

Of course, the oldest houses on the island date back to 1130 AC. However, most have been built in the 15th century. They are all well preserved and highlight the doric character of both the monks and locals.
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