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Visiting the Naval Museum in Milos

When you visit Milos, you are instantly blown away by its magical beauty. It is a picturesque island of unspoiled landscapes. A place where you can relax and fall in love with the simple things in life. And its history is impressive, too. The locals have been world renowned as sailors and captains. Their naval force has always been distinctive, even though nowadays they have been restricted to fishing and trade. For this reason, a visit to the Naval Museum in Milos is a must!


Naval Museum in Milos at Adamantas

naval museum in milos

Upon visiting the harbor town of Milos, Adamantas, you gain smooth access to the island’s Naval Museum. A true gem, where you can learn a lot of information about the past. The museum launched its operation in 2008 and ever since it has hosted the naval history of Milos in the best manner possible.


If we were to distinguish one person who has struggled for the operation of the Naval Museum in Milos, this would be Peter Armenis. This doctor was passionate about highlighting the amazing naval force of the island. And this is what has driven him towards gathering numerous exhibits. All these precious findings are now on display at the museum.


For those thinking that the exhibits date back to just a couple of centuries ago, they should think again! On the contrary, there are also findings dating back to the Prehistoric era. Fine tools made of obsidian, as well as items from the Naval Battle of Salamis and rare maps.


The history of maritime on the island is depicted most eloquently in the museum, which boasts the famous wood boat “Eirini”.


Visit Milos and Greece for More Attractions

naval museum in milos

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