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Visiting the Ecomuseum of Folegandros

The Ecomuseum of Folegandros is located at Ano Meria and launched in 1988. It is the representation of a typical traditional household. Even though some parts have been rebuilt, as a whole the museum holds a wealth of knowledge. So the guest is able to gather valuable information about life on the island.

A Glimpse at the Ecomuseum of Folegandros

Ecomuseum of Folegandros

Not all the buildings have been structured at the same time. The earliest reported building was built in the 17th century. It was rather basic, consisting of stones placed together in harmony. As a result, the building remained solid and was not at risk of falling apart. Of course, renovations have taken place since the buildings did not meet high standards in quality – and how could they?

The buildings were composed of the main house, the oil press and the oven. At the oil press, they also made cheese. As you will get to see, the buildings were long and rectangular in shape. This is due to the tree trunks that they used on top. In general, you will get to see that the structure was pretty simple. It was, however, practical and simple to complete.

Inside you will find a folklore museum. In this museum, you will get to see a lot of items used back in the days. Pots and pans, utensils and fabrics, the loom and the weaving items, these are all elements that shed light to the daily life of the locals.

Since the Ecomuseum of Folegandros is in a place surrounded by nature’s bliss, it is a wonderful experience to visit it. You will be thrilled by the pristine state of the structures. And most of all, you will be delighted to see that people lived in such an inspiring environment with only a few things.

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Ecomuseum of Folegandros

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