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Villages in Greece: Timeless & Authentic

Greece is a beautiful place, filled with verdant forests and imposing mountains, evergreen plains and embroidered coasts. Most travelers fall in love with the Greek islands, the whitewashed buildings and blue domed churches literally hanging from the cliffs. And the endless blue of the Aegean and the Ionian Seas capture the true essence of wanderlust. But there are some villages in Greece that boast their own impressive history. And those villages are equally, if not more, breathtaking to nature enthusiasts and lovers of tradition. Below we take you on a virtual tour to the most picturesque Greek villages and wish you safe journeys!


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The wider region of Zagori consists of 46 picturesque villages. Located in Epirus, they are all connected with bridges and boast lush greenery. Travelers get carried away by the unspoiled nature of Zagori villages. The stone buildings and narrow pathways, the stunning surroundings of evergreen nature and the rich cultural identity make them irresistible. There are several hiking places for nature enthusiasts, as well as splendid restaurants to taste local cuisine. During winter, some of these villages in Zagori get sprinkled by snow. During spring, flowers bloom and create an uplifting atmosphere. And in summer, the cool breeze makes many choose them over the extreme heat of the islands.


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Monemvasia is a famous castle town in Peloponnese. Its medieval aura makes it unique, standing among other villages and towns in Greece. It has its own identity, revealing long-kept secrets to those brave enough to climb up the castle and wander through its cobbled paths. Over the years, Monemvasia has been inhabited by the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the Venetians. And they have all left their mark. A mark that has been fused into something truly remarkable. Upon visiting Monemvasia, you never forget the place. A place out of dreams, a place where Kings once stood and reigned over the area. It is a 365-day destination in Greece, ideal for couples in love and history buffs!


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Among the finest villages in Greece to explore are those on Mount Pelion. Those quaint villages have survived over the years, bearing their authentic nature and special character. They are all found in Central Greece and feature some really famous destinations in the country. Tsagarada, Kissos and Mouresi are just few of these villages, which are destined to make you fall in love with them. The road connecting the villages is stunning itself, with tall trees shaping arches on the skyline. Nature is sublime, with springs and verdant plains, mountain slopes and hiking routes. And the view to the Aegean is the icing on the cake, adding to the unique experience!

Discover the loveliest villages in Greece, with their own traditions and history to enchant you. Discover their natural treasures, the churches and chapels, the monasteries and small folklore museums. Mingle with the locals, sip on Greek coffee with spoon sweets on the side and enjoy the genuine Greek cuisine at its simplest, yet most thrilling form. Pick a name and off you go!