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Van Gogh Alive – The Experience in Athens

A unique exhibition is presented by Grande Exhibitions and Lavris Ltd. At Athens Megaron Mousikis, Art comes to life! Van Gogh Alive – the Experience has finally arrived. The Greek capital boasts a great spectacle. Opening its doors to the public, the exhibition attempts something remarkable! The concept of the exhibition has been stretched. It is a journey of the senses. A magical experience that spectators enjoy with all their heart.

Walking in the Footsteps of Van Gogh Alive

van gogh alive

Visitors will take part in a wonderful experience. They will walk into the paintings of Van Gogh. Does this sound exciting? In this way, they will participate with their senses. So they will not only observe them from afar. They will be the ones in control of their path. So they will realize the magnitude of the exhibition. There is no set route. Wandering around each gallery and discovering the hidden gems is priceless.

Van Gogh Alive – The Experience in Athens is an innovative exhibition. Aiming at familiarizing people with the work of Van Gogh, the light and the sounds are blended with the colors. The outcome is groundbreaking, through a unique spectacle. In a multi-screen environment, spectators immerse in the paintings. They become one and interact with the display.

This is a place especially designed for everyone, including families. Children will also be excited to see. The paintings become alive. The viewers get in the mind of this rare personality. The artistic approach in each painting is impressive.

This experience has been live from 7th of November 2017. Are you interested in visiting Van Gogh Alive? There are individual and special tickets on sale. The exhibition will continue till the 4th of March 2018 . The feedback from those lucky ones who have already visited the exhibition is stellar! A multi-sensory experience, meant to introduce (or re-introduce) Van Gogh to the public. Join the experience!