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Valentine’s Day in Athens


3 Reasons to Love Athens on Valentine’s Day

View from Anafiotika’s balcony

Reason 1:

Romantic Walk

Stroll, hand in hand with your other significant half, through one of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhood of Athens; Plaka. A Pedestrian labyrinth of wonderful coffee shops, eateries and bars; lit up with the lights of Parthenon. Arrive all the way up to Anafiotika, for a moment’s kiss, on the balcony of Athens’ best panoramic view.

Dinner with a View
Dinner with a View

Reason 2

A Greek saying tells: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

After that romantic walk up the hill fronts of the Parthenon, share a dinner for two a view of the Acropolis. Nothing beats the combination of great food, a romantic setting and a stunning view. And there’s no better place to enjoy it all than at some of the city’s five-star hotels. Prepare for a true culinary experience and an unparalleled level of service against one of the world’s most magnificent backdrops. You can always add an extra romantic twist to Valentine’s Day by reserving a room for the night, or better yet, a suite with a Jacuzzi!

You are my love-bug!
You are my love-bug!

Reason 3

Personalized Chocolate

As a truly unique treat, write her/his name, a verse from your favorite song or a whole poem on a bar of chocolate. Ask an Athenian and they will point you towards the nearest “chocolate script writer”.

PS. for Nature Lovers – Picnic in a Park or a Hill!

Go to Monastiraki, buy a wicker basket and fill it up with local delicacies and a bottle of wine. Then head to one of the city’s parks or hill tops!