Unexplored islands of Greece

Greece may be a small country yet at the same time is also very vast!

With a geography that consists of a many small and big islands, is not a surprise that are still destinations to be discovered by visitors. Therefore, one might choose the more popular option of islands such as Mykonos and Santorini, but there are also many alternatives. Islands such as Folegandros, Nisyros and Alonisos were recently included in the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) video dedicated to the unexplored islands in Greece. These are hidden gems of the Aegean Sea that await to be discovered!


This island is located next to the very popular island of Skiathos. What is really impressive about Alonisos is its natural beauty. Practically hidden in plain sight (only 1-2 hours from Skiathos), this island is ‘heaven on earth’. The island is the epicenter of the ‘Alonisos National Marine Park’, which is the largest marine protected area in Europe (approximately 2.260 km2). The excellent condition of the environment and the limited degree of human intervention makes the perfect choice for those who want to come closer to nature and enjoy the unspoiled beaches.


Like Alonisos, Nisyros is another example of a hidden paradise overshadowed by the popularity of a neighboring island. Located next to the busy island of Kos, Nisyros has quite the opposite character. This island is a place of wild beauty, picturesque villages and tranquil environment. Its highlight is the unique geographical features thanks to the active volcano located in the center of the island. Additionally, there are many archaeological sites and monasteries that are worth visiting.


Cyclades have many famous islands such as Mykonos, Santorini and Paros. Folegandros offers a great opportunity to discover a new side of the Aegean and it is perfect for those who seek a different, more peaceful option. Rich with natural beauty and untouched by civilization, Folegandros with its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, delicious traditional cuisine and authentic Cycladic architecture, has nothing to be jealous of the other more renowned islands. Read More

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