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Two of the most spectacular pink beaches of the world in Crete

The pink beaches of Crete

The travel portal wonderslist.com has assigned two beaches of Crete in the Top 10 of the most spectacular pink beaches in the world. These beaches give the impression that they descend from a magical world, however they there real, exotic and unforgettable. The sand’s pink color is attributed to the tiny red organisms as well as pieces of tiny shells and reefs. The west shore of Crete, in the County of Chania you will find Elafonisi and Mpalos Lagoon beaches which are blessed with pink sand. Let’s take a closer look:

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi is a tiny greek island in the South of Crete and one of the hidden treasures of the world as far as its exotic beauty is concerned. It is almost connected to the rest of Crete as it is less than 100 metres away and one can simply walk accross as the waters are very shallow. The spectacular beach that forms in between is beyond spectacular and is covered by pink sand, which is ideal for a day out with small children.

Balos Lagoon

The unihabited tiny island of Gramvoussa, which is situated just of the north-west shore of Crete is the Balos Lagoon. The lagoon is surrounded by a beach with shallow warm waters which offers the absolute divine experience to anyone who visits. Parts of the beach are pink which is formed by the millions broken sea shells.

Source: wonderslist.com