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Tsak Bam 2018: Festival of Spontaneous Art in Aegina

Supporting that Art is Universal and should not be subject to any limitations or set forms, Tsak Bam 2018 is a brand new concept of Contemporary Art in Aegina. Tsak Bam stands for the exact moment, “ Here & Now”. Using this global means of expression, artistic expression, the artists of Aegina come together. They let others know of their work and they communicate with everyone. Isn’t this what Art is all about? An urging need to communicate and convey messages that would otherwise be left untold?

Tsak Bam 2018

The festival takes place from July 6th to 8th in Aegina and there will be lots of surprises. Events and special activities involving both adults and kids, entertaining and eye-opening. In an idyllic setting, on an island so easily accessible from the mainland. Besides local artists, Tsak Bam 2018 also features artists who love the island and have intertwined their lives with it.

Those who wish to experience freedom and the genuine core essence of Art are most welcome to join the festival. This is going to be an event to remember, especially combined with the perfect surroundings and the sea breeze.