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Tribute to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

Dramatic performances have been the pinnacle of Greek culture for centuries. The Greeks gathered to enjoy tragedies and comedies, in between feasting. In honor of their Gods or to celebrate nature, writers did their best to produce timeless dramas. And the best part about these performances? Everyone could join! Even those who could not afford a ticket could take part. The wealthier made sure of that. In a place like the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, Democracy was brought to life!

History of the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus


Polykleitos the Younger built the theater in the 4th century BC. The whole construction is amphitheatric, which means that every row stretches a little wider than the previous one. As a result, it does not matter where you are seated. You can still watch the scene and enjoy the play.

The theater is located near the sanctuary of Asklepios. It is part of Argolis and about 30 minutes from Nafplion. To get to the theater from Athens, you will need approximately two hours. All around you can see tall trees in an evergreen environment. This adds to the enjoyable experience of the spectators.

It is symmetrical in structure and the main material used for its construction is limestone. However, there is another fact that makes the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus stand out; its great acoustics. Indeed, you can throw a needle and still hear the sound from each seat. Pretty impressive, right?

A Truly Unique Experience


It is worth visiting the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus at least once in your life. The experience is magnetizing, as you get to seat on the very same place where the beating heart of cultural Greece was. Especially since you can combine your visit to the theater with a tour to one of the most significant sacred sites in Greece (Asklepion)!

If you come from May to October, you will have the opportunity to attend a play at the theater. As part of Athens & Epidaurus Festival, there are a lot of performances each year to choose from. Plays that have survived through time and have remained as well-timed as ever will catch your attention. Sometimes, provocative plays are also held here.

And how could this be otherwise?  Provocation is part of satire and the Greeks know a thing or two about that. The great Aristophanes was the perfect provocateur, getting in the nerves of the aristocracy of his time. And his plays have turned into classics.

Discover Epidaurus and Argolis

ancient theater of epidaurus

Do you feel like exploring the glorious past of Greece? A trip to Epidaurus as part of a tour to Argolis is a must! Contact us at Travel Zone and allow us to suggest the ideal tours for you and your precious company. Travel through time and explore the cultural wealth of Greece with absolute safety. These are unforgettable experiences not to be missed!