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Travel to Skiathos via…the Thessaloniki port

New ferry connections to the Greek islands are always good news for travelers and locals alike. Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, the islands that belong to the Sporades complex, will be connected on a daily basis with the port of Thessaloniki. Hellenic Seaways announced that Flying Cat 4, a high speed ferry with a 440 passenger capacity, will connect the four destinations within 3 hours. The ferry route will operate during the summer season, from June 16 to September 25, 2016. It departs from Thessaloniki at 09.0 and reaches Skopelos, Alonnissos and finally Skiathos. The return trip commences from Skiathos at 19.10, with stops at Alonnissos and Skopelos before the arrival at Thessaloniki at 22.56. Moreover each Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Flying Cat will make an additional stops at the port of Glossa, at the northern part of Skopelos island.

Reaching the beautiful islands of the Sporades has been a bit tricky. Because of the islands’ location, at the North Western Aegean sea, there is no direct ferry line connecting them with Piraeus port. Travelers had to travel to Volos or Agios Constantinos from where multiple ferries and high speed boats depart on a daily basis. The introduction of a new ferry route will make a great difference!

If you prefer, flying to the Greek islands, keep in mind that there are direct flights to Skiathos from the Athens airport as well as from multiple other European cities. Skiathos, being one of the most beautiful Greek islands, is a a very popular destination. Thus, direct flights to the island tend to get fully booked rather quickly, especially during high season, We recommend considering as an alternative this new ferry route from Thessaloniki to Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos. There is a plethora of flights to the Thessaloniki international airport from all over Greece and Europe, which in combination with the short ferry ride, can take your trip to the Sporades quick, easy and affordable.