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Top Places for a Spring Break in Greece

Spring has come knocking on our doorstep. So it is time to get out of the warmth of our home and seek the adventure! What a better way to do that than through a spring break in Greece? There are beautiful places in the country, transformed into flowery oases in springtime. The only question is which place you are going to choose. This is a hard dillema and we feel you, so the only piece of advice we could give you is to organize as many getaways as you can. A breath of fresh air!


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To many, Nafplio is hands down the most romantic destination in Greece. The former capital of Greece is picturesque and lovely. It is filled with Medieval influences and some truly remarkable landmarks. Palamidi is a Venetian fortress with incredible views from above. Bourtzi water castle may be reached through a short boat ride from the quaint harbor. The cobbled alleys and the squares, the verdant nature and the unique gastronomy make Nafplio a wonderful solution in spring.


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Have you been wondering where George R. R. Martin got inspired for the emblematic Castle of the Vale? One of the iconic Game of Thrones locations strongly resembles Meteora. A fairytale place, where monasteries hang from the imposing cliffs. Unearthly, rare and grandiose, Meteora will astound you from the beginning. You may visit the monasteries that are still in operation. The view is simply breathtaking!


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A marvelous island in the Saronic Gulf is Spetses. This is definitely one of the top destinations for a spring break in Greece. A romantic place with amazing beaches and hospitable locals. Among the major attractions on the island, you should visit the Museum dedicated to Bouboulina and Spetsopoula islet. Spetses Museum is also thrilling due to its collection of exhibits. Above all, Spetses is a quiet haven close to Athens.


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The fierce beauty of Mani makes it a distinguished place in Greece. Upon reaching Mani, you may visit the world famous Diros Caves and Areopolis. Cape Tainaron and Mystras are also fabulous places, where you will delve into history. A mystical atmosphere will follow you everywhere. And the magical Castle fo Monemvasia is bound to be the highlight of your stay in Mani! Especially for history lovers, this is the best destination for a spring break in Greece.


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We could not forget Salonica in our short list of Greek spring break options, could we? The second largest city in the country, Thessaloniki (its formal name) is also called the co-capital. The Nymph of the Thermaic Gulf has a lot to offer. From leisurely strolls on the waterfront and pictures of the White Tower to local gastronomic delights like bougatsa and Greek sesame bread rings, a vibrant nightlife and amazing landscapes all around, this is a superb destination!